Rainbow Six Siege Y8S4.1 Patch Notes cover image

Rainbow Six Siege Y8S4.1 Patch Notes

The final Rainbow Six Siege update of 2023.

Rainbow Six Siege Y8S4.1 update is here and it brings multiple bug fixes as well as changes to some operators. The update follows a small 60-minute downtime during which players could not play the game. Here’s all that’s new in the Rainbow Six Siege Y8S4.1 Patch Notes.

This is also the final update for 2023. The download sizes vary as per the platform with Ubisoft Connect requiring a significant 1.36GB of updates. 

  • Ubisoft Connect: 1.36 GB
  • Steam:  0.6 GB
  • Xbox One: 0.9 GB
  • Xbox Series X: 1.2 GB
  • PlayStation 4: 1.96 GB
  • PlayStation 5: 1.24 GB

The latest season has had a lot of new content but it’s also accompanied with various bugs and crashes. This update is mostly about ensuring a smooth gameplay experience for Rainbow Six Siege users.

Rainbow Six Siege Y8S4.1 Patch Notes

Bug Fixes


  • Lair is unavailable in Free For All mode.
  • AI bots attempt to breach reinforced walls with C4 explosives or Impact Grenades.
  • Players are unable to vault some railings across various maps.

Level Design

  • Drones can get stuck in EXT Street of the Attack Tutorial map.
  • Cork board prevents line of sight by clipping through wall at 1F Staff Room of Bank map.
  • Unintended line of sight can be reached with Azami's Kiba Barrier on a small wheel at 1F Cargo of the Nighthaven map.
  • Placeholder asset is visible in the north-west side of the Lair map while using caster mode.
  • ana's Gemini Replicator can go out of bounds when deployed near the boxes at EXT Lift of the Lair map.
  • Frag grenade damage passes through a wall at 2F Library of the Chalet map.
  • Explosive damage passes through elevator doors at B Vault Lobby of the Bank map.
  • Players can get out of bounds using Azami's Kiba Barrier to vault onto a railing at EXT Shooting Range of the Lair map.
  • Players get stuck in falling animation on top of barrels in Tutorial 1 of the Attack Tutorial map.
  • Players get stuck in prone between a railing and a stone wall at EXT Lift Exit of the Lair map.
  • Players have an unintended line of sight between a desk and boxes located at 1F Briefing of the Lair map.
  • Various defuser planting and pickup issues.
  • Player can't retrieve throwable devices in specific spots on various maps.


  • Missing voice line during onboarding HQ in Landmark Drill, Target Drill, or Shooting Range drill. 
  • Missing VFX for Frost's Welcome Mat and Ela's Grzmot Mine when affected by Tubarao's Zoto Canister.
  • Missing VFX for Blitz's Flash Shield when affected by Tubarao's Zoto Canister.
  • Missing hit marker when destroying Melusi's Banshee Sonic Defense.
  • Misplaced freeze VFX when shooting while affected by Tubarao's Zoto Canister.
  • Score doesn't update when Tubarao's Zoto Canister freezes Opponent devices.
  • Warden's Glance Smart Glasses don't protect against Ying's Candela.
  • Various animation issues.

User Experience

  • Battle Pass content disappears when swapping between multiple menus quickly.
  • Amaru's Broad Blade weapon skin clips through walls.
  • Community Challenge UI disappears after waiting several minutes in the Challenges menu.
  • Option to invite players is greyed out when creating a squad.
  • Lair playlist uses wrong image.
  • Various spectator mode issues.

Rainbow Six Siege Y8S4 launched earlier this month after a delay. The new update adds a new operator, new map as well as several significant changes to the game.