Here’s how to link and unlink your R6 accounts as well as what’s shared between platforms. Linking your accounts across platform has a permanent impact on your games, so take the first step wisely.

Rainbow Six Siege is best experienced with friends. Sometimes you might want to play the game with friends on different platforms. Ubisoft introduced crossplay with Operation Solar Raid on December 6. Rainbow Six Siege supports crossplay between PC, Stadia, and Luna, or between PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Here’s how to do cross-progression in Rainbow Six Siege.

(Image Credit: Ubisoft)
(Image Credit: Ubisoft)

Does Rainbow Six Siege have crossplay?

Yes, Rainbow Six Siege has crossplay capabilities between PC, Stadia, and Luna. It also supports crossplay between XBOX and PS. This means you can play Rainbow Six Siege across multiple platforms as long as they are compatible. Here's how you can turn on crossplay and enjoy the game with your friends.

How to turn on/off crossplay in Rainbow Six Siege?

You can toggle crossplay in Rainbow Six Siege. Here's how to turn on crossplay.

  • Open Rainbow Six Siege
  • Go to options 
  • You will see your crossplay status 
  • Choose the correct setting
  • Go to the Account Information webpage.
  • Go to the Linked Accounts section.
  • Select the Link under the logo of the platform you want to connect
  • Follow the instructions and your accounts will be linked

Please remember that account linking has a permanent impact on your games. So make sure you connect the right accounts. You can also link your platform's account to your Ubisoft account by entering your details into Ubisoft Connect the first time you launch a game on that platform.

Here are some account-specific instructions as listed on the Ubisoft official website.

Rainbow Six Siege allows crossplay and cross-platform play.
Rainbow Six Siege allows crossplay and cross-platform play.

You can also unlink your Ubisoft account. However, if you ever wish to link back, remember you can only link the account that you had previously linked. So the first time you link your account, it is important that you choose the correct account.

  • Go to the Account Information webpage.
  • Scroll down to the Linked Accounts section.
  • Choose the platform you would like to disconnect and select Unlink.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
(Image Credit: Ubisoft)
(Image Credit: Ubisoft)

To unlink your account from Twitch, you can follow their instructions here.

If you wish to connect a different account, you will need to contact Ubisoft and plead your case individually.

What’s shared between platforms?

When you connect your Rainbow Six Siege accounts, certain statistics are shared.

Please note that the following progress is only shared between PC, Stadia and Luna, or between Xbox and PlayStation consoles: 

  • Current Rank
  • Rank History
  • Skill MMR

Battle Pass progression or Clearance Levels are fully shared between all platforms. Some in-game R6 content will also be shared.

The list of cosmetics that will be shared across platforms includes the following:

Turning off the crossplay ensures that you match against players on the same platform. If you are playing on a console, turning off crossplay is highly recommended. Rainbow Six Siege console players often complain about PC players having an undue advantage over console players. Turning off crossplay ensures that you are matched up against players on the same platform. 

Text chat is not available on XBOX consoles so if your party member or teammate is playing on XBOX they might not be able to see the chat.

Recently the Y7S4 update also brought about significant changes to the Rainbow Six Siege Ranking system - introducing skills and rank points. Here's how to fix friend invites not working in Rainbow Six Siege.

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