FaZe Clan wins the Six Sweden Major Grand final over NiP, becomes the latest Brazilian team to win a R6 Major cover image

FaZe Clan wins the Six Sweden Major Grand final over NiP, becomes the latest Brazilian team to win a R6 Major


FaZe Clan lifts the Six Sweden trophy with 23-year-old Cyber putting on an amazing performance during the tournament.

FaZe Clan emerged victorious in the Six Sweden Major finals after a nail-biting five-game series against their domestic rivals, Ninjas In Pyjamas. FaZe Clan became the latest in an increasingly long line of LATAM teams to win a Major. Joining Team oNe and NiP as the most recent champions.

How FaZe won the Six Sweden Major Finals

FaZe Clan had a commanding start to the series on Coastline, where the team took a 5-1 lead on the attacker side with little resistance. In only two defensive rounds, FaZe took home the first game of this eventual series.
NiP managed to strike back on Villa in a decisive OT win. Though NiP took an early, albeit contentious lead after their defender side, FaZe Clan pushed the game into overtime with a late resurgence. Two consecutive 2Ks from both Murilo "Muzi" Muzi and Gabriel "pino" Fernandes found NiP their first game in the series.
The reigning champions were quick to build on their momentum, and NiP took a series lead in a far less competitive game. The entire NiP squad performed on point in what would be its most decisive victor of the Six Sweden Major Finals.
FaZe Clan recovered over the course of the next two games on Bank and Kafe. The squad won 7-3 on both maps off of two incredible showings from Jaime "Cyber" Ramos. Pushed to the brink of elimination, FaZe proved their resiliency by battling back. For their efforts, FaZe became the latest team to lift a Major trophy.

Cyber, the MVP of the Six Sweden Major

Cyber undoubtedly was the MVP in this final matchup. The FaZe player ended with an incredible +22 K/D and averaged almost one kill per round. Along with a +3 ESR, Cyber facilitated most of his team's winning pushes.
The individual efforts of Cyber at the Six Sweden Major were recognized throughout the whole tournament. Following the finals, Cyber was named the MVP of the entire Major. Cyber truly did embody excellence throughout his Six Sweden Major run. Cyber earned the second-highest overall rating (1.25), the second-highest K/D (+59), and the highest ESR (+22).
Players such as Muzi and Karl "Alem4o" Zarth were also recognized for their individual prowess. Only Cyber walked away with both the MVP and the Six Sweden Major trophy.

What's next for FaZe?

Though 2020 and 2021 have been the era of Brazilian dominance, the winning teams have been short, but bright, stars. After winning the Six Invitational, NiP went through a horribly stagnant phase only to lose in the Six Sweden Major Grand Finals.
FaZe player Gabriel "cameram4n" Hespanhol claimed that this wouldn't be the case for his team in a post-match interview. "This means the world for us, but we know we have a lot more to achieve," he said, "we are not a one-tournament team."
The Six Invitational 2022 is several months away, however, FaZe Clan are already locked in. Leaving the Six Sweden Major as champions, the eyes of the FaZe Clan players are firmly set ahead.
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