What’s happening in July 2024 in Pokémon GO?

July 2024 is one of the most action packed months in Pokémon GO for some time. We've got a huge amount of Ultra Beasts coming to Raids, the return of Shadow Entei and some really exciting events and Spotlight Hours. Plus, Pokémon GO Fest Global is finally here too.

So, what should you be looking out for in Pokémon GO this July?

Pokémon GO July 2024 events

July 2024 will see a wide array of Pokémon GO events. Here are the dates for your calendars this month:

Event Name
Event Date
Event Time (Local)
Aquatic ParadiseJuly 6 - 910am - 8pm
Inbound from Ultra SpaceJuly 8 - 1310am - 10am
Pokémon GO Fest: GlobalJuly 13 - 1410am - 6pm (each day)
Ultra Unlock Part 1: Better TogetherJuly 17 - 2210am - 8pm
Tynamo Pokémon GO Community DayJuly 122pm - 5pm
Ultra Unlock Part 2: Strength of SteelJuly 25 - 3010am - 8pm
Ultra Unlock Part 3: Mega Raid DayJuly 2711am - 5pm

July 2024 brings several exciting Pokémon GO events. We've got the long awaited Pokémon GO Fest: Global, Tynamo Community Day and a series of Ultra Unlock events.

We don't yet know exactly what the Ultra Unlock events will have in store. However, it is likely that Trainers will be able to unlock these through Pokémon GO Fest: Global.

Perhaps the most exciting Ultra Unlock event is the Mega Raid Day. We don't yet know what Pokémon this could be. It might even be the release of a brand new Mega Pokémon... however, the 11am - 5pm time implies this could once again be Elite Raids.

Pokémon GO July 2024 Raids

Five Star Raids

July 8 - 9
July 9 - 10
Celesteela (Southern Hemisphere)
July 10 - 11
Kartana (Northern Hemisphere)
July 10 - 11
Stakataka (Eastern Hemisphere)
July 11 - 12
Blacephalon (Western Hemisphere)
July 11 - 12
Buzzwole (Americas and Greenland)
July 12 - 15
Pheromosa (Europe, Middle East, Africa)
July 12 - 15
Xurkitree (Asia-Pacific)
July 12 - 15
July 15 - 23
Incarnate Forme Tornadus
July 23 - Aug 3

Thanks to the Inbound from Ultra Space event, we have a huge amount of Five Star Raids this month. A whole host of Ultra Beasts are joined by Articuno and Tornadus to round out the month. Those two Pokémon carry on the Flying-type theme that we saw in June. Overall, Raids are stacked in Pokémon GO during July 2024.

Mega Raids

Mega Swampert
July 8 - 23
Mega Aggron
July 23 - August 3

Nothing mind-blowing for July 2024 Mega Raids in Pokémon GO sadly. The focus is obviously on the huge amount of Five Star Raids, so Mega Pokémon are on the backseat this month.

Shadow Raids

Pokémon GO Shadow Raids in July 2024 will see Shadow Entei available, with the Shiny version released. This is a very strong Shadow Pokémon and if you can get a group together, another good use of your time in Pokémon GO this month.

Other highlights

As always, there will be a range of Pokémon GO Spotlight Hours in July 2024. July 16th's Spotlight Hour will have 2x Transfer Candy, a great chance to clear out your extra Pokémon from GO Fest. Additionally, July 30th will have 2x Catch Stardust.

Finally, don't forget to grab a ticket for Pokémon GO Fest if you haven't already, time is running out!

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