Tynamo will make its Shiny debut during this Community Day.

The next Pokémon GO Community Day will feature Tynamo. This will provide Pokémon GO Trainers a chance to grab a Shiny Tynamo and get a Eelektross with exclusive move, Volt Switch.

Tynamo Community Day takes place Sunday, July 21 from 1400-1700 local time.

It is fair to say that no one really expected Tynamo to get the next Community Day in Pokémon GO. However this is going to be the first time you've ever been able to get Shiny Tynamo in the game. That means, no matter your excitement for this Pokémon, it will at least be a brand new shiny for your collection. So, more than ever this is a great chance to meet up with your friends and play some Pokémon GO.

Tynamo Pokémon GO Community Day bonuses

The following bonuses will be in effect for trainers during Tynamo Community Day in Pokémon GO.

  • 1/4 Hatch Distance when Eggs are placed into Incubators during the event period.
  • 2× Candy for catching Pokémon.
  • 2× chance for Trainers level 31 and up to receive Candy XL from catching Pokémon.
  • Incense (excluding Daily Adventure Incense) activated during the event will last for 3 hours
  • Lure Modules activated during the event will last for 3 hours
  • Be on the lookout for Showcases at different PokéStops during Tynamo Community Day
  • Take a few Snapshots during Community Day for a surprise!
  • One additional special trade (for a maximum of 3)*
  • Trades cost 50% less Stardust*

ADDITIONAL BONUS: The 4x XP bonus from the Ultra Unlock event will also be in effect during Community Day.

*These bonuses are active until 10pm local time.

There will also be a $1 Research Ticket, Showcases and special item-bundles in the Pokémon GO Store.

Image: Niantic
Image: Niantic

During the event times, Tynamo will be appearing much more frequently in the wild. You'll also have a increased chance of catching a Shiny Tynamo.

There will also be a featured move for evolving Tynamo. Any Eelektrik evolved into Eelektross during Tynamo Pokémon GO Community Day will learn Volt Switch, an Electric-type move. If you have any Eelektross already, the only way they can learn this move is through an Elite TM.

Shiny Tynamo, Shiny Eelektrik and Shiny Eelektross 

Here is the regular and shiny versions of the family of Pokémon featured this Community Day.


The odds of encountering a Shiny Tynamo is about 1 in 25 during this Tynamo Pokémon GO Community Day.

Tynamo Pokémon GO 100% IV values and chart

The following table shows the highest CP a Tynamo can be at every level. In the wild, Tynamo can be Level 1 to Level 30, and if it is Rainy weather, Level 6 to Level 35. A Tynamo at the maximum CP value would be a 100% IV Pokémon.

Here are the CP values that will show you have a 100% IV Tynamo.

360 CP360 CP360 CP
6133 CP6133 CP6133 CP
9207 CP9207 CP9207 CP
12278 CP12278 CP12278 CP
15347 CP15347 CP15347 CP
18417 CP18417 CP18417 CP
21486 CP21486 CP21486 CP
24556 CP24556 CP24556 CP
27625 CP27625 CP27625 CP
30695 CP30695 CP30695 CP
33730 CP33730 CP33730 CP
36764 CP36764 CP36764 CP
39799 CP39799 CP39799 CP
42831 CP42831 CP42831 CP
45863 CP45863 CP45863 CP
48895 CP48895 CP48895 CP
50917 CP50917 CP50917 CP

From Research Tasks including the $1 Ticket, the Tynamo 100% IV is 347 CP.

Eelektross best Pokémon GO moveset:

Tynamo Community Day will add Volt Switch as a Fast Attack for Eelektross. This move is an upgrade for Eelektross, with it having the less powerful Spark as its only Electric-type Fast Attack at the moment.

However, Eelektross isn't the best Pokémon in the Electric-type category this isn't the best Pokémon typing for PvP. It is yet to be seen just how impactful this move will be.

The best moveset for Eelektross is:

  • Volt Switch
  • Dragon Claw
  • Thunderbolt

Tynamo Community Day: Pokémon GO Tips and Tricks

This Tynamo Pokémon GO Community Day is primarily a great chance to get a Shiny that no Trainer will have anywhere in the world. You might get a Shundo and be one of a very very select few in the game!

For bonuses, Stardust Bonuses sadly. However, we do have a 1/4 Egg Hatch Distance bonus in effect. The best way to make the most of this is to stack up on 12km (or, 10km) Eggs in the next few weeks. With a Star Piece on, you can get a lot of Stardust from a full set of these Eggs. Plus of course, Stardust from all the Tynamo you will be catching.

While we did not initially get an XP bonus, we are getting the HUGE 4X XP bonus during this event. 1000 Excellent Throws, with a Lucky Egg, is 10 million XP's worth. This is a great time to grind. 4x XP is better than the usual Community Day bonuses.

We also have extra Candy and Candy XL for catching Pokémon during this event. But, you can boost that up even further by using a Electric-type Mega Level 3 Mega Pokémon.

Here are the Pokémon you can Mega Evolve to get extra Candy, Candy XL and XP for catching Tynamo:

  • Ampharos
  • Manectric
  • Kyogre

Don't forget some other easy tips:

  • Don't catch Pokémon before the event starts. These Pokémon can turn into Tynamo.
  • Spin as many Pokéstops as possible, to get event specific Field Research as well as extra resources.
  • Don't activate Lures' or Incense till the event starts to get the extra time.
  • Have fun!

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