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Kartana Pokémon GO Raid Guide: Weakness and counters

Prepare your Fire-types!

Kartana will be back in Pokémon GO raids from April 4-12. Kartana is a region locked Pokémon, and will only be available in the Northern Hemisphere. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, you'll need to use Remote Raid Passes to access this raid.

Additionally, for the first time ever, the shiny version of Kartana will be available in Pokémon GO.

Kartana is the second best Grass-type Pokémon in the entire game, beating the likes of Mega Venusaur. With the shiny being released, now is a great time to raid for this very powerful attacker.

Here is everything you need to be ready to take down Kartana in Pokémon GO.

Best Kartana counters in Pokémon GO:

Kartana has a weakness to Fire and Fighting-types. But, it's weakness to Fire is doubled, making it very vulnerable to Fire-type moves.

In terms of resistances, Kartana's dual Grass and Steel-typing give it no less than TEN resistances. So, you'll want to make sure your team is set up properly and stacked with Fire-type Pokémon.

Here are the best Kartana counters in Pokémon GO:

Mega Y Charizard
Fire Spin & Blast Burn
Mega Blaziken
Fire Spin & Blast Burn
Fire Fang & Fusion Flare
Mega X Charizard
Fire Spin & Blast Burn
Fire Spin & Magma Storm
Mega Houndoom
Fire Fang & Flamethrower
Primal Groudon
Mud Shot & Fire Punch
Mega Salamance
Fire Fang & Fire Blast
Fire Fang & Overheat
Fire Spin & Overheat
Fire Spin & Overheat
Fire Spin & Blast Burn

As expected, all of these Kartana counters are Fire-type Pokémon. There is a great range of options, including Mega Salamence. With Bagon Community Day Classic on April 7, you could teach one of your Salamence Fire Fang & Fire Blast and take Kartana down in an unorthodox way.

Otherwise, there are plenty of other good Fire-type counters. The vast majority of these are either common, or have been available recently in Pokémon GO.

Mega Evolutions to get you more Kartana candy in Pokémon GO

Mega Evolutions can help you get more candy and XL candy with every catch. Having a mega level 3 active that boosts candy for Grass or Steel-types will give you an extra 2 candy per catch, as well as a 25% bonus to your XL candy chance.

Here are the Pokémon you can Mega Evolve to get more Kartana candy in Pokémon GO:

  • Groudon
  • Venusaur
  • Steelix
  • Scizor
  • Sceptile
  • Aggron
  • Abomasnow

When fighting Kartana, you should aim to have Groudon Mega Evolved. With Fire Punch, Primal Groudon will target Kartana's double weakness to fire. But, Primal Groudon also gives you the candy boost for Grass-types. The rest of the choices to get extra candy are not good Kartana counters.

How many trainers do I need to beat Kartana in Pokémon GO?

Kartana is a very attack heavy Pokémon. That makes it vulnerable. Add in the double weakness to Fire-type Pokémon and this is a very easy raid for strong trainers.

With Party power and good Fire-type counters, you could take Kartana down in Pokémon GO with just two trainers. However, lower level trainers will need a group of four to win this raid comfortably.

This raid being so easy makes it a simple shiny hunt, and a great way to grind XP and Stardust.

Kartana Pokémon GO 100% IV

With Kartana being such a strong Grass-type Pokémon, hunting that 100% IV will give you a very powerful Raid attacker. Additionally, it's always a little bit of a flex you can show off to your friends!

Here are the CP values to keep an eye out for after your Kartana raid:

  • 2101 CP
  • 2626 CP (Weather boosted)

Weather Effects:

Weather boost can help you save candy, get better IVs and benefit from power boosts on your team. Here are the weather effects to keep an eye on when taking on these raids.

Kartana will be a higher CP when caught. Your Fire-type counters will be boosted.
Kartana's Grass-type moves will be boosted.
Kartana's Flying-type moves will be boosted.
Partly Cloudy
Kartana will bee a higher CP when caught.
Kartana's Bug-type moves will be boosted.
Kartana's Dark-type moves will be boosted.

Sunny weather is the optimal condition to fight Kartana in Pokémon GO. While it will boost Kartana's Grass-type moves, it will also boost your Fire-type Pokémon. In addition, the Kartana you encounter after the raid will be a higher CP. This will save you Candy and Stardust if you choose to power it up.

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