We’ve collected all the evidence,

Evidence is growing that Gigantamax is likely to arrive in Pokémon GO in the future. Developer interviews, combined with a range of datamining and leaks all seem to point in the same direction.

Gigantamax was a mechanic that arrived in the Pokémon universe with the release of Sword and Shield. This game was set in the Galar region, a region which we have not yet seen properly released into Pokémon GO. Only 20 of 112 Galar Pokémon are currently released into the game.

Evidence suggests Gigantamax is coming to Pokémon GO

This distinct lack of Galar Pokémon might be a secret sign that Gigantamax is coming to the game at some point in the future. Sword and Shield were skipped over in Pokémon GO in favour of Scarlet and Violet and the Paldea region.

This is likely because of Gigantamax. The current main battle mechanic in the game is Mega Evolution. Pokémon GO has been steadily releasing Mega Evolutions for several years, with a number of mega Pokémon still to release.

It would make more sense to finish releasing Mega Pokémon before you introduce a new mechanic like Gigantamax. There are some really powerful and exciting releases still to come. The likes of Mega Mewtwo X & Y, Mega Lucario and Mega Metagross are all much anticipated by Trainers. Devs want these to be released in a meaningful way.

Future events will focus on new mechanics

Another big hint has come from Niantic themselves. Recent major in person events have focused on new mechanics. The Sinnoh Tour added adventure effects to the game. Then this summers GO Fest events debuted a new Fusion mechanic.

Speaking to Dot Esports, Pokémon GO Director Michael Steranka said that future events will be focused around new mechanics. Future major live/in person events will seek to debut more mechanics, instead of just being focused on a Legendary or Mega Pokémon debut.

Galar Pokémon's arrival will "make sense"

However, Nantic's Director also has directly addressed the absence of Galar Pokémon in a separate interview. He told Eurogamer that when it comes to Galar Pokémon, "when it's time for them to make their debut in Pokémon Go, it will make sense."

This comment really does imply that Gigantamax is coming to Pokémon GO. Why hold this Gen back, if not to introduce them alongside a new mechanic?

Datamines hint at new features on the horizon

Another major hint is that there are two codenamed mechanics currently sat in the files of Pokémon GO. The Pokemod Group shared this at the start of June. They refer to two mechanics called Bread and BreadDough. These are clearly linked, a huge hint that this could be Gigantamax and Dynamax. According to these dataminers, "version 317.0 gave us 99.9% certainty that bread refers to Dynamax (Bread) and Gigantamax (BreadDough)."

There appears to be some mechanics in the game to flesh out this feature. However, as these are datamines, things can and often are altered before release.

Sneaky UI change also points to Gigantamax

Additionally Pokémon GO and Niantic quietly made a change to the UI for Mega Evolutions, moving the indicator down below the typing and weight/height stats. This opens up space for more icons here, like a potential Gigantamax icon.

There are currently four Pokémon that can both Gigantamax and Mega Evolve. So, it would make sense that this UI shift is to primarily accommodate them.

Will Gigantamax release in Pokémon GO soon?

Despite all evidence saying the same thing, Gigantamax arriving in Pokémon GO is not likely to happen anytime soon. Again speaking to Dot Esports at the recent Pokémon GO Fest in Madrid, Steranka said “We have nothing specific to announce at this time on that on that front. But what I will share is, you know, it kind of everything tends to come full circle in the Pokemon universe. We take lots of inspiration from the main series games and many of the things that we build in Pokemon GO."

To decode that answer, they are looking at it, but they aren't ready to say that it is coming in the near future. Given we have more Fusions to explore, and potentially more Adventure Effects, there is no rush to release Galar or add Gigantamax to the game. There are still lots of Paldea Pokémon to be released into the game too.

Pokémon Legends ZA has teased new Mega Evolutions too, which could add even more Mega Pokémon that Niantic need to release. This may push back Gigantamax, unless they want to run the mechanics simultaniously.

So, while it seems like we will absolutely see Gigantamax and Dynamax come into Pokémon GO, we might have quite a wait to do so.