Overwatch 2 players are growing frustrated since some of their Overwatch 1 skins have not transferred over.

Some Overwatch 2 players still don't have skins they earned and purchased in the original game.

The launch of the long-awaited Overwatch sequel had plenty of issues—some still ongoing. First there was the queues with over 30,000 players along with some DDoS attacks that bugged out servers. Then there were disabled heroes and maps due to ongoing glitches. And that's not mentioning some gamers' frustration with SMS protection, future heroes being locked behind a battle pass, and support mains demanding a more balanced roster for the 5v5 meta.

It's safe to say that there is no shortage of issues. And now a new one is being added to the mix: some players never received their skins from Overwatch 1.

What happened to the Overwatch 1 skins?

When Overwatch 2 was first announced, Blizzard stated that there would be cross-play with Overwatch 1. So gamers were shocked when it was later revealed that Overwatch 1 servers were being shut down a few days before the launch of the sequel. Devs reassured players, however, that their cosmetics would all be transferred over.

Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case for all players.

On Reddit, one Overwatch player said that a few of their skins were not transferred over. Others urged the frustrated player to contact customer support, but they apparently already had.

"I made a support ticket with them and told them I was missing my Noire skin with proof of preorder and old pics I had showing I had the skin. All they said was they’re working on it and to check back later. One month later, still missing..." the person replied.

This prompted other Overwatch 2 players to point out that they have been dealing with the same problem. It was pointed out that getting some of these skins back would cost $40, making players even more frustrated with Blizzard's support team. Nobody who contacted them was reassured that they would get their skins back.

Blizzard has yet to respond to the ongoing complaints.

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