Been playing the long game when it comes to Overwatch Heroes? Wait no more, as Xbox Game Pass Perks brings the thunder.

Good news if you're the type that's resisted buying new Overwatch Heroes or leveling up your battle pass. Subscribers of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will get access to the Overwatch New Heroes Start Pack beginning on August 10. Announced today at the Xbox Games Showcase, this Game Pass Perk gives everyone with Game Pass--which is to say, everyone who loves saving money on games--access to the first six new Heroes of Overwatch 2.

Yes, that's correct: The first six. The Overwatch Game Pass Ultimate Perk will include the not-yet-revealed support Hero coming with Overwatch: Invasion.

Overwatch Game Pass Ultimate Perks

This isn't the first time we've seen character unlocks come to the Xbox Game Pass service. It wasn't too long ago that VALORANT received a similar treatment to what is coming with the Overwatch Game Pass Ultimate Perk. In the case of Overwatch, this will provide both new and lapsed players alike a chance to catch up and answer the call.

And, hey: For all you big, whiny babies that complained about paying for Heroes over the past year: Good news! You can quit your crying and just play the video game now. Doesn't that sound nice? All hail the Overwatch Game Pass Ultimate Perk!

But, for real: With the one-year anniversary of Overwatch 2 fast approaching this is a great move by Blizzard and Xbox alike. Six Heroes is a lot to catch up on and even more money if you're trying to buy it out of pocket. Why not just subscribe to the best deal in gaming instead and cut out that middle-man?

Even better, this also includes the legendary skins and cosmetics for each character. After all, are you even really playing the game if you're forced to use the dirty, disgusting default skins? Ew. No. Please, stop. I don't even want to think about it.

So if you're looking to get back into Overwatch, your wait is over thanks to Game Pass Ultimate. Get ready to jump back in starting on August 10 with the release of Season 6 and Overwatch: Invasion.

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