Overwatch 2 players feel that Blizzard is mocking them with Salt Charm cover image

Overwatch 2 players feel that Blizzard is mocking them with Salt Charm

Overwatch 2 players have accused Blizzard of mocking them with Salt Charm after ongoing frustrations with pay-to-win battle pass.

A lot of Overwatch players have expressed frustration with the new battle pass system in Overwatch 2, which has new heroes locked behind a paywall. But Blizzard has possibly responded to complaints with a troll in the form of a Salt Charm.

While Kiriko was available immediately to anyone who also played Overwach, Ramattra is stuck behind Tier 45 of the Season 2 battle pass. This means that players would have to grind for a few weeks in order to unlock him for free. The alternative is to purchase the premium battle pass, which costs around $10 (or 1,000 Overwatch Coins).

Ramattra from Overwatch 2. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.
Ramattra from Overwatch 2. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

The fact that players are now required to purchase new heroes has caused quite a commotion in the community, with many accusing Blizzard of making the game pay-to-win, since heroes like Kiriko and Ramattra are quite viable in the current meta. The monetization of Overwatch 2 has been contiguously met with criticism, especially after Blizzard was condemned for Diablo Immortal's excessive micro-transaction requirements.

Now, Overwatch 2 players feel that Blizzard is mocking them with a new weapon charm.

Salt Charm has Overwatch 2 players feeling trolled by Blizzard

Blizzard decided to reward players who unlocked Ramattra by grinding the battle pass with a bonus cosmetic, the Salt Charm. The charm, which hangs off your weapon, is essentially a pink can full of salt.

Image via u/AreoMaxxx
Image via u/AreoMaxxx

While the Salt Charm could be a reference to D.Va and her gamer-heavy lingo, a lot of players feel that it's an intentional dig at them since it comes with Ramattra — but only for players who grinded through the battle pass to get there.

Many players have been quite salty over the fact that they have to now grind for weeks in order to unlock viable heroes. There have even been reports of players getting angry or mocking opponents who chose to simply purchase Ramattra without the grind. It seems that Blizzard is responding to this ongoing saltiness with this charm.

Here is what players are saying on Reddit:

  • Blizzard is throwing shade right now.
  • Alone the existence of charms is insulting. Now they are mocking us.
  • They want my $10 so badly.
  • Now they're getting $0 from me. I'm willing to pay for battle passes and skins, but I'm not willing to accept paying for characters.
  • Funny yes, but I'm still not buying the battle pass.
  • I personally draw the line at making people pay for heroes. Once you start doing that you're making the game pay to win which devalues the gameplay. They can price cosmetics and battle passes as ludicrously they wish but if they sell heroes or other things that give you an advantage, no matter how minor, I won't spend a single cent.
  • I ain't buying this s— now on principle.
  • I'll be freeloading from now on. Thank you very much.

While paying for skins and loot boxes is nothing new in video games, paying to unlock heroes is taking it too far for some gamers. That's because the heroes are needed in some metas and not having them can impact your chances at winning a match. This creates a pay-to-win dynamic that many Overwatch fans are frustrated with. And the Salt Charm mocking their feelings about it hasn't gone over well with the majority of the fanbase.