“We’re still iterating here, but our goal is to have a game mode that moves back and forth across the map and also enforces a clear time limit.”

Overwatch 2 game director Aaron Keller has clarified some information about the upcoming Clash game mode. He also teased some Mauga updates and reduced spawn times. Read on for the Overwatch 2 Clash game mode time limit details and more.

Overwatch 2 Clash game mode time limit

In his latest post, Keller acknowledged that he focused too much on Control Point (2CP) maps during BlizzCon 2023. This led to confusion about the Clash game mode's match duration.

"The difficulty lies in finding a solution to prevent matches from becoming excessively long," Keller continued. "Traditional 5CP game modes have had challenges with unclear winners, sometimes resorting to phases like Sudden Death. The team is experimenting with a scoring system and an alternative where matches end after a set time, with the winner determined by control points."

According to Keller, the goal is to create a dynamic mode that has back-and-forth gameplay and a clear time limit.

Upcoming Mauga updates in Overwatch 2

The post also detailed some potential Mauga updates based on the hero's trial event. According to feedback, Mauga felt weak during the trial. Therefore, the Overwatch 2 team would like to make him feel stronger at launch.

  • Replace a chunk of his health with armor (Experimenting with 150 internally)
  • Reduce the size of Mauga head's hit volume
  • Increase the damage reduction on Overrun (Originally at 30%, testing it at 50%. No longer interrupted by Hack)
  • Increase the lifesteal on Cardiac Overdrive

"There are quite a few changes in flight for his weapons," Keller added. "We're testing different spreads and firing rates when using both guns simultaneously, as well as different damage, ammo, and falloff numbers. We'll have more details on those as they solidify."

Overwatch 2 Mauga screenshot (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)
Overwatch 2 Mauga screenshot (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

Addressing Overwatch 2 leavers and backfill

As for other updates, Keller noted that the Overwatch 2 team is working on ways to reduce leavers and improve backfill matches.

"[...] Since the start of Season 7, the leaver rate in QP is down almost 20% in some game modes," he wrote, referring to Quick Play games. "We’re also working on the way we backfill matches so players no longer enter a game with a few seconds left."

Additionally, Keller hinted at reduced spawn times in Season 8.

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