We have your first look at the new Tank in Overwatch 2, Mauga, his abilities, and why you don’t want to get trapped in a fight pit with him.

The long awaited debut of the newest Overwatch 2 Hero is here, to which Blizzard responds: "You're welcome." Straight from Samoa and into our hearts, the big man Mauga has two guns, a big cage, and some big moves. You'll get your chance to play as him this weekend during BlizzCon. But for now we have a first-look at the new Tank from Overwatch 2 Mauga, his abilities, and what to know--or watch out for.

We hope you've always wanted to trap Zenyatta in a cage and make him fight to the death. I know I have.

Get in the cage, kid

Two hearts, two unique guns, and no armor. The Overwatch 2 Tank Mauga is a beast and so are his abilities. "Mauga features a kit that is designed to bash through the front lines and brawl his opponents in close-quarter combat," says the official release. He is described as "wielding two powerful Chainguns that can either be fired individually or in unison."

These two guns sit at the core of Mauga and his abilities. The primary fire, Incendiary Chaingun, ignites enemies once they've taken enough sustained fire. Meanwhile, the right-click, Volatile Chaingun, has a chance of critical damage--even when not hitting the head.

Let's look at the full list.

What are Mauga's abilities in Overwatch 2?

  • Passive: Berserker - Grants Mauga temporary health whenever he deals critical damage
  • Primary: Incendiary Chaingun aka “Gunny”- Fires incendiary rounds that ignites enemies under sustained fire
  • Secondary: Volatile Chaingun aka “Cha Cha”- Fires rounds that can deal critical damage. (Can fire with Gunny, Cha Cha, or both simultaneously)
  • Overrun - A charging ability that cannot be stopped by cc abilities, and stomps into opponents dealing damage and a powerful knockback
  • Cardiac Overdrive - Activatible--Creates an aura that reduces damage and grants allies lifesteal
  • Ultimate: Cage Fight - Traps nearby opponents in a cylindrical fighting ring that blocks enemy healing and damage from outside. Mauga also has infinite ammo for its duration.

This free play weekend looks like a stealth Overwatch 2 test for Mauga, his abilities, and the meta. Regardless, we'll have more info for you on the new Tank throughout the weekend.

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