Navi crushed the FaZe hopes at BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2022.

FaZe’s BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2022 journey was cut short as they failed to reach a total of double digit rounds in two maps against NAVI. The PGL Antwerp 2022 Major winners bowed out in the 5-6th place of the $425,000 tournament. After their disappointing performance at BLAST, FaZe Karrigan now has his eyes set on IEM Cologne next month.

With Dust2, Inferno and Overpass as the maps, FaZe had a decent chance in terms of the map pool. After all, winning a CS: GO Major is usually an example of a team playing in its prime. But rarely do Major winning teams perform well after the Major and the BLAST Premier Spring Finals was no exception. 

Even though it started really good, the way we play right now is not the way we played at all anytime this season.

Faze Karrigan

In the post-match interview with Mantuu, Karrigan expressed his disappointment with their performance. After winning the PGL Antwerp Major, FaZe finished 5-6th at IEM Dallas, losing to Cloud9. They finished in a similar placement at this tournament as well.

“I’m very disappointed with the results. I think Dallas was alright, could’ve been better there. But we were there, we played good CS. We lost in an unfortunate situation but here, the last four matches we played here, we got utterly smashed. And that’s not good enough that’s not the expectation we need to have, even after winning a Major or whatever you do in life. You can’t roll up like that. So I don’t know what it is, we have to talk today. Hopefully it’s practice time, we  haven’t had enough. So yeah, we need to win Cologne else it’s a very bad season in the end for us.”

Expanding more on his next goal, IEM Cologne 2022, FaZe Karrigan wants his team to have a strong performance.

If we don’t go to final in Cologne, I’m going to be really disappointed in the season. Even though it started really good, the way we play right now is not the way we played at all anytime this season. So very disappointed with the last few results.

Navi demolish FaZe in 2 maps

FaZe Karrigan spoke about the team's next goal: IEM Cologne after losing out in the BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2022 to NAVI.
The FaZe players had a disappointing performance across the two maps. How will the Antwerp Major winners perform at IEM Cologne. Image Credit: BLAST Premier.

Navi dominated Dust 2 right from the get go. The team managed to win 13 rounds, with electronic, b1t and S1mple playing exceptionally well. With a 110 ADR, electronic’s performance catapulted Navi to victory. It’s usually very difficult to come back from a 2-13 deficit and there was no chance for FaZe. 

In the second half, FaZe, respectfully, managed to secure four rounds. However, it was ultimately a case of delaying the inevitable. Navi won Dust 2 with a 16-6 score, taking a 1-0 lead in the quarterfinal.

The second map was even worse for FaZe Clan. FaZe’s only round win came on Round 8 when they managed to win a round due to crucial mistakes by the Navi players. 

With this victory, Navi advance to the semifinals of the BLAST Premier Spring Finals. They will face off agianst OG in the semifinals. The winner of the $425,000 prize pool tournament will receive a direct invitation to the BLAST Premier World FInals later this year,

Karrigan hopes to lead the FaZe players to victory at IEM Cologne. The million-dollar tournament kicks off on July 5 and will continue till the 17th.

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