Vitality will face Navi in the BLAST Premier Spring Series Grand Finals.

Vitality have secured the Grand finals slot for the BLAST Premier Spring Finals alongside Navi. The French-Danish superteam took down G2 esports in an exciting series to qualify for the finals. This is the first time since the team’s formation that they have reached the finals of a premier tournament. Now can they overcome the final hurdle and bring  home the trophy? Vitality dupreeh feels the team is much more confident and this successful run is the boost required.

The current iteration of Vitality came into existence at the start of the year. Bringing together parts of two of the most successful CS: GO teams, Vitality, unfortunately, could not find the success fans hoped for from the superstar team. After nearly six months of the roster’s formation, it seems Vitality has an opportunity to win a trophy. 

Yesterday, Vitality took down G2 esports over three maps, with both Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut and Dan "apEX" Madesclaire dominating the course of the match. 
In the post-match interview, Vitality Dupreeh highlighted the newfound confidence within the team for their succes.

I think the most important thing is that we probably started believing again. Not that we didn't fully believe back in the days, but obviously having poor results coming in here and not making playoffs has been hard on the team. We've lacked confidence and we lacked the capability of making some deep runs in tournaments. So I think we just needed that successful run. I just hope we can go all the way now. 

Vitality dupreeh

Vitality take down G2 in an exciting series

Two of the best teams in the world faced each other on Dust 2, Inferno and Nuke. The series started with Vitality taking an early lead, going up 5-1. There were multiple instances in the first few rounds where Vitality players, in particular, apeX had heroic performances to secure the round. 

However, once G2 esports had proper weapons, their defense seemed to have a great understanding of the Vitality offense. 

G2 won the next eight rounds on CT. A big part of the G2 defense was Niko who came online with 21 kills during this time. 

After the first half, Vitality’s defense was equally good as they cruised through to victory. G2 got a few rounds here and there, however, they were unable to pose a real challenge to Vitality, whose players seemed to be performing at a new peak. While apeX and Zywoo had the highest numbers on the scoreboard, the rest of the team seemed to be in sync as their strats and movement across the map worked wonders in terms of round victories. Vitality won Dust 2 with a 16-13 score, taking the lead in the semifinal series. 

The second map was Inferno, where G2 had one of the most dominating T side on the map. There were moments of brilliance for Vitality, however, the T side lead for G2 was too high for Vitality to overcome.

The third map was yet another competitive series, but this time too Vitality came out ahead. Nuke is no longer a very CT sided map nowadays, and Vitality’s 6 rounds on the CT side were more than enough for them to win. But while G2 had a decent performance on their T side, Vitality was able to dominate on their T side, breaking the G2 economy time and again. 

Featured Image Credit: PGL.