There is a lot of mystery surrounding the rare Mirage Heirloom. A developer recently reveald more secrets behind the image.

An Apex Legends developer has given some insight into the Mirage Heirloom and the lore behind it.

Heirloom melee weapons are added to Apex Legends each season. They are always incredibly rare and desirable despite not causing more damage to enemies. Instead, Heirloom melee weapons are wanted due to their cool appearance and their tie-in to the legends' backstory. Heirloom melee weapons have rare animations and easter eggs that add to the depth of the lore behind certain agents.

One of the most popular is Mirage's "Too Much Witt." It's a trophy that has rare animations and seems to have some lore secrets as well. One, in particular, is extremely hard to find, featuring a family photo. It first appeared in Pathfinder's Quest lore book. It's since appeared via data miners in Apex Legends' files before the Heirloom launched officially.

Fans became infatuated with the image, which seems to show Mirage with an older relative. Some have asked for more lore behind the picture, with some even saying they would "kill" for more stories about Mirage. Others wondered what happened to the secret Mirage Heirloom easter egg developers have talked about in the past.

Apex Legends developer discusses secret Mirage Heirloom easter egg

To the surprise of a few Apex Legends fans, lead writer Manny Hagopian answered fans on Twitter that were wondering about the easter egg.

"It was actually supposed to be this picture or the picture of Mirage and his family as a kid (the one in the lore book) but it apparently never made it in the game for some reason. The plan was to have it hidden on the trophy that you see randomly during rare inspections," Hagopian said.

This sparked even more curiosity from Apex Legends players. Many asked for Respawn Entertainment to reveal the rare animation. It's been a year of wondering and desire from players who want to get their hands on the animation. But even more importantly, Apex Legends fans are wondering why Mirage's father is such a Zaddy.

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