The newest stories from the outlands was all about the origin story of Bangalore’s heirloom. Join us as we break down this great new lore!

In the newest Stories from the outlands, we follow the origin story of Bangalore’s serrated pilot knife Heirloom. In this huge addition to Bangalore’s story, we get to see some great Titanfall 2 references.  The tale starts with Wraith inquiring about the Hestia 1, the fallen ship on Storm point’s ship fall. Bangalore explains that it wasn’t the ship where she lost her brother, but another ship in which contained the story of her heirloom. The story of how the serrated pilot knife came into her possession.

The stories from the outlands follow the battle of Gridiron. As IMC officers Jackson and Anita Williams (Bangalore and her Brother) are losing the fight, they are forced to retreat. During the fight, a pilot, as well as his Titan, were doing what the predators in Disguised Toast's Apex tournament were doing: wiping the floor with people. Then, Bangalore wakes from her hospital bed. Remembering the battle and how a pilot who utilized cloaking ability and helped turn the tide of the battle seemingly traumatized her.

Once recovered Bangalore realizes that her ship crashed during the retreat and her team has camped out in the outlands. Then we are treated to some great flashbacks of Bangalore's story and role in the IMC. In a desperate attempt to make her way back, she attempts to contact the IMC. As a result, Bangalore comes into contact with General Scryer. And this is where the stories from the outlands: Gridiron picks up.

Scryer arrives in his ships and attempts to execute Bangalore's brother for deserting the battle of Gridiron. With his pilot suit and bowie knife, all 3 duke it out in a beautifully animated fight. Although he holds his own against the Williams siblings, they managed to pull a combo move on Scryer. Utilizing his very own serrated pilots knife, they manage to take down the IMC general. This knife would later become Bangalore's heirloom as this important weapon was the big turning point in Bangalore's life.

With the campsite damaged and the siblings marked as deserters, they prepared for the journey ahead. Brandishing the new bowie knife, the Williams siblings set off on a new journey. Avoiding the IMC who was hunting them and making it back home. This potentially leads to the story of the Hestia 2. The infamous story where Bangalore loses her brother and is the “A Hero’s Fall” loading screen from Season 2 as well as the inspiration for some of her skins.

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