Who are the biggest winners of Season 11. Here are the rankings based on their pick-rates in the game.

Apex Legends Season 11 hit the ground running, with a smooth launch that saw no server problems, unlike its previous season. As of season 11, the game has 19 legends in its roster of playable characters, having started out with just 8 in Season 0. The team at Respawn Entertainment has been consistently updating the game with a new legend every season and now has a diverse list of playable Legends.

It’s been out for over a week now and players have been enjoying playing on Stormpoint, the new map. Ash, the new legend has seen a lot of popularity with players, as is commonplace with all-new legends. Seems like a great time to explore the legend meta in Season 11 and see what’s changed as compared to past seasons. Which legends are the big winners and which ones have dropped in the pecking order?

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of legends in order of their pick rate, thanks to the good folks who manage server and player stats over at Apex Legends Status. So, without further ado, here’s a list of the most picked legends in Season 11, in order of their pick rate.

Top 10 Legends in Season 11 in order of pick rate

Horizon has a 4.09% pick-rate. Most Popular Legends.
10. Horizon – 4.09%.

10. Horizon – 4.09%

Horizon manages to make the top 10. She has a pretty versatile ability set that allows her to reposition herself and play around with movement quite comfortably. Her average rank in ranked gameplay is Silver 1, indicative of her success in competitive and ranked play. However, her abilities are much better in the hands of skilled players and take some work so she’s not as high as some of the most popular legends.

Loba has a 4.13% pick-rate. Most Popular Legends.
9. Loba – 4.13%.

9. Loba – 4.13%

9th on this list is Loba (slightly more than Horizon), everyone’s favorite Colombian heiress and thief. Loba started out a bit slow, with issues around her tactical not working well on open maps. The developers kept tinkering with her and balancing her over time and she’s in a pretty sweet spot in season 11. Her ultimate ability, Black Market, is pretty useful in Season 11’s new map, Stormpoint, giving players the ability to gather loot from safe spots. Her tactical also works well as an escape from sticky situations. A Loba in the squad helps players gear up more quickly, which is a huge advantage on a large, open map.

Bangalore has a 4.5% pick-rate. Most Popular Legends.
8. Bangalore – 4.5%.

8. Bangalore – 4.5%

At 4.5%, Bangalore is the 8th most picked legend in Apex Legends season 11. She has been a pretty consistent pick since season 0. Easily one of the best-balanced legends (barring issues with her smoke), with an ability set that is quite comfortable to learn and put to practice in the game. What keeps her in the loop is the fact that she’s very reliable in almost every situation. Her abilities give her team the ability to control the flow of engagements by causing disarray among enemy squads.

She’s also a very popular pick with new players because she’s one of the 6 unlocked legends available at the beginning of the game and given how easy to use and understand, her abilities are, it’s natural she’d be popular with new players. Either that or they just like to go “Oscar Mike, Ladies” on everyone.

Lifeline has a 5.4% pick-rate. Most Popular Legends.
7. Lifeline – 5.4%.

7. Lifeline – 5.4%

Every squad needs a healer and Lifeline has been that healer since season 0. Another legend with a pretty consistent pick rate from the beginning, Lifeline has been a great pick that synergizes with almost every legend.

Her DOC heal comes in handy after intense fights that leave your squad depleted and her ability to auto-revive without having to do it herself comes in clutch in many situations. She’s also the very first legend you play as in the training room, giving players a comfort zone with her when they start out. Her hitbox is quite small as well.

Valkyrie has a 6.5% pick-rate. Most Popular Legends.
6. Valkyrie – 6.5%.

6. Valkyrie – 6.5%

Valkyrie has been quite popular ever since her introduction in season 9. She’s got good mobility and good players can take advantage of that to get into strong positions. In addition to that, the fact that Stormpoint does not have any jump towers gives Valkyrie an edge in season 11. Well, mainly because her ultimate allows her to double down as a mobile Jump Tower that also provides intel on enemy positions. In the hands of good players, she can be quite slippery to catch or chase.

Pathfinder has a 8.1% pick-rate. Most Popular Legends.
5. Pathfinder – 8.1%.

5. Pathfinder – 8.1%

Everyone’s favorite wholesome and violent grapple-bot is still very popular in the game in season 11, making the top 5. He’s seen his dark days when Respawn nerfed him to such an extent that he’d have to wait forever to use his grapple but ever since they fixed that, he’s been back among the top picks.

Pathfinder arguably the most enjoyable legend in the game with his grapple-based abilities making room for some insane movement plays. He still needs a passive though, because his passive got handed over to every recon legend in the game.

Bloodhound has a 8.8% pick-rate. Most Popular Legends.
4. Bloodhound – 8.8%.

4. Bloodhound – 8.8%

Another legend that has remained one of the most consistent picks since season 0 is Bloodhound. Their strong recon presence makes them a solid choice for almost all squads and they work well with other legends because of their aggressive ultimate allowing Bloodhound players to double down as both recon as well as assault-based legends.

Seer’s arrival in season 10 hit their pick rate a bit but once Respawn balanced Seer, his pick rate dropped drastically, allowing Bloodhound to take over and reign supreme as the most popular recon legend in the game.

Wraith has a 10.1% pick-rate. Most Popular Legends.
3. Wraith – 10.1%.

3. Wraith – 10.1%

Since season 0, Wraith has remained in the top 3 picked legends in the game. She was insanely annoying to deal with in the first few seasons with the smallest hitbox in the game, a unique running animation that made her harder to hit, and a tactical ability that allowed her to escape every situation.

Respawn has since nerfed all those aspects of her, but she still remains one of the most popular legends in the game, with a pick rate of 10.1%. Looks like the sweaty Wraith main jokes are going to be a thing for a long time.

Octane has a 10.9% pick-rate. Most Popular Legends
2. Octane – 10.9%.

2. Octane – 10.9%

Arguably the most fun legend to play, it’s no surprise that Octane has such a high pick rate. After Wraith’s nerfs, Octane became one of the most difficult legends to deal with, his tactical allowing him to move…well, very fast. Octane can be a very difficult legend to hit because of his movement.

The two-second cooldown on his tactical, a stim that makes him move much faster, is the bread-and-butter skill for Octane mains. They use it to gain a movement advantage in fights and his Jump Pad allows him and his squad to traverse the map effortlessly. Overall, a very aggressive legend in a fast-paced shooter. The fact that he’s popular should be a no-brainer.

Ash is the most popular legend with a 15.4% pick-rate. Most Popular Legends
1. Ash – 15.4%.

1. Ash – 15.4%

Of course, it’s the new kid on the block (yes, we hear you Titanfall players going “Well, actually…”) that’s the most popular legend in season 11. Ash is also a legend with an aggressive ability set and her interesting design draws a lot of players to pick her.

Interestingly, her pick rate is dropping, and it’s only been a week and a half since season 11 kicked off. Ash’s abilities require some effort and practice, so we expect her to drop over time, especially once the new legend shine has worn off and players start going back to their mains once they’ve tried her out. Although, we wouldn’t bet against her to drop below the top five, because she’s quite fun to play.

What about the rest?

Most Popular Legends
Apex Legends Season 3 roster.

Of course, there are plenty of Legends unaccounted for and you might want to know where your main stands if they aren’t in the top 10, right? We’ve got you covered. Gibraltar, Mirage, and Fuse all have decent pick rates. They’re all strong legends that are balanced and fun to play. Wattson’s rework has helped her jump the pecking order above Caustic and Rampart, both of whom make the bottom five in terms of pick rate.

It’s safe to assume that defensive legends aren’t popular in this game. Surprising inclusions are Seer, who has tailed off quite a bit since his introduction, just a season ago, and Rampart, who got a very interesting rework that allowed her to take her turret mobile.

The fact that some of the legends in the bottom 10 are still very good legends is indicative of the fact that pick rate doesn’t necessarily indicate how good a legend is, and it’s all subjective at the end of the day.

  • 11. Gibraltar – 3.22%.
  • 12. Mirage – 3.18%.
  • 13. Fuse – 3%.
  • 14. Wattson – 2.8%.
  • 15. Caustic – 2.7%.
  • 16. Seer – 2.2%.
  • 17. Revenant – 2.1%.
  • 18. Rampart – 1.6%.
  • 19. Crypto – 1.2%.

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