DisguisedToast’s $100,000 event was an interesting take on battle royale mode. Here’s all the information you need about the tournament including the winners and the format.

Popular Canadian streamer, DisguisedToast hosted a massive Apex Legends tournament with a $100,000 prize pool on Friday. He announced the event on his twitter account and called on other popular streamers to participate in the tournament. Interestingly, the event isn't your run-of-the-mill Battle Royale tournament and features a unique take on the genre. The event DisguisedToast hosted was basically a massive game of hide and seek, using the large BR maps in Apex Legends as a setup.

Who won the tournament?

The game went on for nearly three hours. The winners of the tournament were Sweet_Anita's team which included Draynilla and Bronzey. They finished in 3rd position in the first game but won the other two games, clinching the tournament. Draynilla hilariously broke into jubilant celebration on stream, twerking and dancing as everyone else laughed.

Who participated in DisguisedToast's event?

In his original tweet announcing the event, DisguisedToast called out to other streamers looking to participate in the game. Plenty of big names responded and he later put out a tweet revealing the final list of participants, divided into 17 teams of three.

Among the names were some popular Apex Legends players like ItzTimmy, Nicewigg, Valkyrae, and Nokokopuffs. It also featured a few popular internet personalities like Pokimane, DrLupo, and Kkatamina.

What is DisguisedToast's Hide and Seek event?

A total of fifty-one streamers participated in the tournament. Three of them; Timmy, Nicewigg, and Nokokopuffs were the team of seekers or "predators", who had to roam around the map looking for forty-eight other hiders.

The participants formed teams of three and whoever managed to remain hidden the longest across three games would win. The winning team would be receive $20,000 of the $100,000 prize pool, with the rest of it being divided among the top 8 teams.

DisguisedToast specifically selected a team of three high-profile Apex Legends players that have ranked out at Predator at least once across all seasons as seekers. The seekers could use guns while the hiders were only allowed to use meds. Heat shields and weapons were banned for the hiders. Recon legends with a scan ability (Bloodhound, Crypto, Seer) were banned for seekers, for obvious reasons. DisguisedToast allowed the hiders to revive or respawn their teammates that got caught, at the risk of getting killed themselves.

ItzTimmy was on the team of seekers which also featured Nicewigg and Nokokopuffs.
ItzTimmy was on the team of seekers which also featured Nicewigg and Nokokopuffs.

Overall, the tournament was quite entertaining to watch and streamed to a large audience that comprised of viewers and subscribers of all the participating streamers. Valkyrie was a popular pick among the hiders along with other mobility and positioning-based legends like Horizon, Pathfinder, and Octane. The seekers played a lineup of Octane (Timmy), Pathfinder (Nicewigg), and Ash (Nokokopuffs) in the first game. DisguisedToast made things more interesting after the first game by disallowing vehicles. The seeker lineup in the second game was Pathfinder (Timmy), Octane (Nokokopuffs), and Rampart (Nicewigg). In the final game, they picked Octane (Nicewigg), Pathfinder (Nokokokpuffs), and Horizon (Timmy).

The seekers had a little mini-competition between the three of them, trying to get the most kills and even tried stealing kills off each other. Timmy was accused of playing fake-friendly with some of the hiders to bait them out. All in all, it was quite enjoyable and hilarious to watch.

Apex Legends as a virtual playground

We've usually seen BR games become an exciting experimental space for virtual playgrounds. Apex Legends is one of the most popular BR games out there but the core gameplay in and of itself is so enjoyable that we've rarely seen anyone break the mold. DisguisedToast tried something different with this tournament and it was a resounding success.

Storm point, the new map on Apex Legends features plenty of diverse points of interest and the game's fluid movement mechanics made for an excellent setup for a game of Hide and Seek. The streamers that participated in the tournament seemed to have a great time. Plenty of viewers enjoyed the game as well. It'll be interesting to see if anyone else tries something like this in Apex Legends.

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