A few characters and kameo fighters got adjustments.

The recent esports event, Final Kombat 2024, proved two things: how dedicated the community is and how unbalanced the current meta seems to be. Some character and kameo pairs dominated the competition, and many people expected the developers to react. They did that quite quickly! The Mortal Kombat 1 June hotfix was released rather unexpectedly on June 18. Check out the patch notes in this post.

General fixes and a graphic feature

The section with general updates is pretty small. It can be summarized in three points:

  • There is a new graphic setting on Steam and the Epic Store that helps players increase the frame rate lock from 30 FPS to 60 FPS.
  • The developers have fixed desyncing occasions during online play.
  • Three characters received improved camera behavior: Peacemaker, Homelander, and Reptile.

MK1 character adjustments in June hotfix patch notes

This is the most interesting part of the update. Two characters got the following adjustments:

  • Reptile deals an increased fixed damage from his Force Ball.
  • Peacemaker’s Human Torpedo hits high. The hotfix nerfs the health of this character from 700 to 650.

The changes are scarce, but they may be significant. Peacemaker is super strong on the esports scene, and the nerf should balance the character better. Homelander got the most adjustments in this hotfix. A notable change is that his Dirty Trick can’t parry many attacks of other characters. But it is now able to parry some new moves. Also, we should highlight an improved Punching Down linking feature from Flight into God Complex. Other patch notes describe various fixes.

MK1 June hotfix patch notes for Homelander (Image via Warner Bros. Games)
MK1 June hotfix patch notes for Homelander (Image via Warner Bros. Games)

Adjustments for kameo fighters in MK1 June hotfix

Khameleon was one of the most popular kameo fighters at Final Kombat 2024. The hotfix nerfs her in two aspects.

  • Khameleon does smaller pushback with the first two hits of Roll. The last hit is affected less.
  • Her health is 250 now instead of 300.

Another pretty popular kameo is Cyrax. Many players use his self-destruction for sandwich openings. Now, he has his canceling from Kopter Chopper into Horizontal Kopter Chopper without the Kameo Meter fixed.

Janet Cage has bigger combo damage scaling with her Hop Punch & Hop Skip Punch. The official post from Warner Bros. Games shares details on this hotfix.

Time is needed to figure out how the June hotfix affects the game and what other rebalancing is needed. For everything about Mortal Kombat 1, stick around on esports.gg!