The essence of Mortal Kombat 1 competitive excitement is collected in one post.

After quite a few qualifiers, the best Mortal Kombat 1 players in the worдd gathered for the Final Kombat 2024 matches. At such a level, every fight was intense and spectacular! But some moments exceeded even these high expectations. We’ve gathered them in this post on!

The clips and the wow effect from them may motivate you to play Mortal Kombat 1 more and train to come closer to this level of mastery. To help with that, we’ve added here a list of character/kameo pairs from the Top 8 stage of the tournament — these are good choices to win matches.

MK1 Final Kombat 2024: The best character/kameo pairs

In the table below, you’ll find the characters and kameo fighters the top 8 players of Final Kombat 2024 used in their final matches. Sure, a lot of the character choice depends on a specific matchup and a player’s skill, but these characters are the best at the moment. It is hard not to notice the popularity of Peacemaker/Kano and Johnny Cage/Khameleon. Do you play them?

MK1 character/kameo
1SonicFoxSindel/Kung Lao, Johnny Cage/Khameleon
2Rebirth eSports | NicolasJohnny Cage/Khameleon, Rain/Janet Cage
3Ninjakilla_212Peacemaker/Kano, Liu Kang/Kung Lao
4Team Panther | FaysalKombatKitana/Khameleon, Peacemaker/Kano
5-6Rebirth eSports | ScorpionprocsJohnny Cage/Khameleon, Baraka/Cyrax, Raiden/Cyrax
5-6TheMightyUnjustPeacemaker/Kano, Peacemaker/Khameleon
7-8Console Gaming League | VideoGamezYoGeneral Shao/Motaro, General Shao/Khameleon, General Shao/Kung Lao, Shang Tsung/Cyrax
7-8XombatJohnny Cage/Khameleon, Johnny Cage/Goro, General Shao/Kung Lao

The best moments at Mortal Kombat 1 Final Kombat 2024

The streams of all Mortal Kombat 1 matches continued for many hours. Let’s highlight only the best moments from this esports competition.

Last Chance Qualifier

ELCucuyFGC_ was down to 0-2 in the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) losers semi against Agamotto's Eye. But after a short chat with his twin brother TheMightyUnjust, ELCucuyFGC_ performed a full reverse sweep. Here is a moment when his Peacemaker saved one of the rounds thanks to a properly landed fatal blow.

Grr was that close to getting eliminated from the LCQ. But then, he did such a great sequence in this round! This boost treated us to another reverse sweep. Grr defeated ELCucuyFGC_ and proceeded to the LCQ grand final.

Grr had another close fight in the LCQ grand final. And one again, this extraordinary player demonstrated his will to victory. Grr reset the brackets in the very last round.

GuiExceptional played exceptionally in the top 8 of the Final Kombat 2024 LCQ. He sent ELCucuyFGC_ to the elimination bracket. He then defeated Grr in the winners final and he did not let his final opponent repeat that grand final comeback. ELCucuyFGC_ won the grand final reset against Grr and qualified for the main part of Final Kombat 2024.

Group Stage of Final Kombat 2024

In this stage, 20 players were divided into four groups. Only two from each group proceeded to the playoffs.

SonicFox finished this stage flawlessly. This round was against one of the strongest opponents, Tekken Master. The players have a long history, and this time, SonicFox won. Tekken Master tried to do something, and it did not work.

Only two players finished the group stage of Final Kombat 2024 with no losses: SonicFox and Ninjakilla_212. In his group, Ninjakilla_212 was close to losing to TheMightyUnjust, but then he performed a full sweep. This game started his comeback.

The Final Kombat 2024 Top 8

SonicFox lost no game in three matches of the final part of Final Kombat 2024 — up to the grand final. Just take a look at this clip from the quarterfinal between SonicFox and VideoGamezYo. With those mix ups and tricky openings, SonicFox left no chance to their opponent.

Nicolas had a much tougher match against FaysalKombat. He actually had a match point, but then lost two games in a row. In this round, both players demonstrated the power of good blocking, but eventually, Nicolas found an opening and won the match.

Ninjakilla_212 was very close to losing to Xombat. Here we have another amazing comeback round.

In his next match, Ninjakilla surprisingly did not have much trouble against Nicolas. Even in some tough moments, Ninjakilla delivered powerful hits thanks to his amazing reaction.

Nicolas and Scorpionprocs are twin brothers, and both are exceptional Mortal Kombat players. They had a match in the losers bracket. In the clip, we can see a great Rain play. Only one brother could survive in the tournament.

Ninjakilla_212 and Nicolas played once again in Final Kombat 2024. In the losers final, their fight was much closer. In Game 5, Ninjakilla took his earlier main, Liu Kang/Kung Lao, and immediately delivered an excellent round. Nicolas still won that fight later on.

Nicolas and SonicFox had a full mirror Mortal Kombat match: Johnny Cage as a character and Khameleon as a kameo fighter. In a spectacular way, Nicolas reset the brackets.

There sure were some great moments in the grand final reset, like this close round in the clip below. But SonicFox proved to be just a better player. The best Mortal Kombat 1 competitor in the world, actually. Is this because of their awesome reaction?

With this official competitive season being over, we still have lots of Mortal Kombat 1 tournaments coming soon. The game will be played at a big event CEO 2024, for example, from June 28 to June 30. For everything about Mortal Kombat 1, stick around on!