The Event Shop in MSC Pass offers a brand new Valentina skin and more exclusive encore skins!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Mid-Season Cup (MSC) looms ahead! The event brings forth the MSC Event in game including an MSC Pass, filled with many features and rewards. One of the MSC Pass features is the Event Shop, where you can purchase a bunch of exclusive items using MSC Coins.

What's in the MSC Pass Event Shop?

The Event Shop in the MSC Pass offers usual items like an avatar border, a sacred statue, skin fragments, and so on. But the most exciting purchases will be the exclusive encore skins and a brand-new Valentina "Dark Nexus" skin.

(Screenshot via
(Screenshot via

Here are all the items you can purchase in the Event Shop and their respective MSC Coins prices.

  • Valentina "Dark Nexus" skin - 35000
  • Pharsa "Hierophant" skin - 35000
  • Jawhead "Space Explorer" skin - 16500
  • Leomord "Triumph Eagle" skin - 16500
  • Claude "Earth's Mightiest" skin - 16500
  • MSC 2024 Avatar Border - 14000
  • "Piece of Cake" Battle Emote - 4500
  • Sacred Statue for Claude "Inseparable Pair" - 7000
  • MSC exclusive skin paint - 1000
  • Nostalgia Progress Ticket - 4000
  • Premium Skin Fragment - 300
  • Skin Trial Pack (1-day) - 300

How to get MSC Coins

(Screenshot via
(Screenshot via

To get MSC Coins, you just have to complete daily tasks and challenges. You can also participate in other events such as the MSC Guess to earn MSC Coins. But the best way to immediately get those exclusive skins is by purchasing the pass which goes for 719 Diamonds. You'll also earn double pass rewards after making the purchase!

That is all about the Event Shop in the MSC Pass. Spend your coins wisely and grab those exclusive prizes. For a broader overview of the MSC Pass, read below.

This pass celebrates the MSC 2024 seasons which will take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as part of the massive Esports World Cup. We'll see 23 of the world's best teams compete for the champion title and the mind-blowing $5 million prize pool.

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