Here’s everything we know about the upcoming MSC Event in MLBB.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) presents its Mid-Season Cup (MSC) event! This event brings forth an MSC Pass which is filled with many rewards, encore exclusives, and a new Valentina skin! There are also many other events that can earn you MSC Coins. More below.

When is the dates for MLBB MSC Pass?

The MSC Pass will go live in-game starting on June 26th and lasts until July 16th. It will take over the next few weeks as the MSC event occurs in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as part of the Esports World Cup.

How much to purchase?

MOONTON announced that the MSC Pass will be on sale for a discounted price of 719 Diamonds. The original value was at a usual 899 Diamonds but throughout the event, a 20% discount will be applied!

All MSC Pass rewards

The biggest reward is the Valentina "Dark Nexus" skin. The skin gives her a brighter design with blonde hair and golden plates rested on her shoulders. She also has an "Esports World Cup" banner on her arms.

(Image via MOONTON)
(Image via MOONTON)

Other rewards include an MSC avatar border and a Valentina "Dark Nexus" battle emote. You will get access to exclusive skins encore. These encore skins are:

  • 2018 Jawhead "Space Explorer"
  • 2019 Leomord "Triumph Eagle"
  • 2021 Claude "Earth's Mightiest"
  • 2022 Pharsa "Hierophant"

MSC Support Chest

(Image via MOONTON)
(Image via MOONTON)

The Support Chest will also arrive in the MLBB MSC Event! This Support Chest requires a minimal 2 Diamonds for immediate unlock of the Pharsa "Hierophant" skin. On top of that, you can also get gift packs, banners, and more!

Obtain MSC Coins to purchase more for free

Much like other Passes system, the MSC Pass will include the MSC Coins which players can collect for free to make purchases in the event. You can obtain MSC Coins via the Pass itself, participating in the MSC Guess, using MSC Ranked Boost, guessing the Champion, and grabbing the Final Benefits.

Note that by making the correct guesses in the MSC Guess event, you can also grab the exclusive Valentina "Dark Nexus" skin for free!

That sums up all we know so far about the upcoming event! Stick around for more MLBB updates.