Riot Games recently announced they would be making significant changes to their highly popular European Regional Leagues. The changes made are in line with Riots vision to produce a clearer pathway for aspiring players looking to go pro.

Riot Games has announced it will make a number of changes to its highly popular European Regional Leagues. The ERLs has been significantly influential in the growth of European talent. Working alongside the EU Masters to promote its latest crop of talent that will eventually make its way to the LEC.

Riot extends ERLs liscensing deal

"We are excited to reveal we will extend license deals with almost all our current European Regional Leagues (ERLs) beginning in 2022. The ERLs are an integral part of the European League of Legends esports ecosystem, contributing massively to the development of the region's top talent and offering a pathway for aspiring pros" - Riot Games.

New ERLs categories

The leagues will now fall into a new identification model, accredited ERLs, and non-accredited ERLs. While not every league will fall under the new accredited model, non-accredited leagues will get the opportunity to apply at any time providing they pass specific requirements.

What are the differences between accredited ERLs and non-accredited ERLs?

Although Riot has not stated the substantial differences between the leagues, the most notable will be the events. As seen in Riot's announcement post, accredited leagues must host one LAN per year. Non-accredited leagues are not permitted to host offline events as per the official Riot announcement. All accredited players will be added to Riots Global Contract Database.

Many leagues will be unified

Fans of certain European Regional Leagues will see their favorite league merge with another. At the time of writing, Riot has announced the Baltic League will be merging with the Polish ERL. Along with Belgium and Dutch leagues forming the new Benelux league.

Riot increase league funding

As part of their ongoing mission to standardize the European Regional Leagues and its mission to produce professional players, Riot has ensured both the accredited and non-accredited leagues will be receiving an increase in funding. The increase in money will hope to see the ERLs flourish with sustainable income. Riot has also announced every European Regional Leagues will receive an increase in subsidies.

Riot introduces new costreaming and broadcast rules

"New broadcasting rules will come into effect, with all ERL partners receiving the right to enable co-streaming for all teams participating in a first division of an ERL (both Accredited and Non-Accredited) provided it is during their own games and within Riot regulations. To showcase the emerging talent in these leagues, we will further amplify key ERL storylines and continue our efforts to create cohesive storylines which span the entirety of our ecosystem." - Riot Games

ERLs Summit to commence from 2022

"We firmly believe that the European ecosystem is incredibly unique and want to ensure that everyone in the ecosystem has the opportunity to learn from each other. That is why in 2022, we will begin hosting a yearly ERL Summit with all tournament organizers, teams and players to support and help them continue to further develop their own businesses and structures." - Riot Games

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