LEC Week 6 brought another set of entertaining games. There is two teams tied at the top of the standings as well as Fnatic getting the bragging rights in the latest ‘El Classico’.

Fnatic: Smooth sailing

Rank: Tied 1st
Record: 10-2
Rank Change: +-

Fnatic is on cloud nine right now as the LEC side extended their winning streak to five games. The joint league leaders kicked off the week with a stomp game against Astralis. Upset has been monstrous this split and did not slow down in this game either. The ADC went 11/0/6 on Kaisa in what was an MVP caliber performance. Fnatic finished off the week with a solid win over long-time rivals G2 Esports.

This is where things will get interesting for Fnatic with the playoffs on the horizon. Next week they go up against Rogue, the second team tied at the top of the standings with a 2-0 record. If Fnatic is to win this game, they are virtually locked in for the first seed as they will have the head-to-head over Rogue.

Rogue: The Odoamne-Inspired Show

Rank: Tied 1st
Record: 10-3
Rank Change: +-

Another week, another 2-0 for Rogue. The organization started off the split strong but carried this momentum with them to hold 1st place alongside FNATIC at the moment. Rogue are true title contenders, and they have both RGE Odoamne and Inspired to thank for that.

Rogue won against Schalke 04 and Astralis in week 6, which wasn't the hardest of schedules. Week 7 however sees them go up against both MAD Lions and FNATIC. The latter match will finally clear the tiebreaker between both of them, and give us a true 1st placed team.

Misfits Gaming: Don't forget me

Rank: 3rd
Record: 9-4
Rank Change: +-

Misfits Gaming had a strong week to show they deserve to be within the title contender conversation. They managed to take down EXCEL and Schalke 04 to add two wins to their record, with MSF Vetheo finishing the game against EXCEL with a 6/0/6 scoreline on Zoe.

In week 7, they play Team Vitality and G2 Esports, both teams are hungry to rack up victories. Both matches will be bloody, and definitely unmissable. Whether Misfits will come out victorious in these two games, it is hard to tell but if Razork and Vetheo continue in their current form, it is possible for sure.

MAD Lions: (In)consistency is key

Rank: 4th
Record: 8-5
Rank Change: -1 place

MAD Lions for now are within the top four, but with G2 Esports picking up form, I doubt we will see them here for long. The reason behind this prediction is their clear volatility in performances. They are either really good or really beatable, no in-between.

We are yet to see Spring split levels of jungling from MAD Elyoya again, even if his performances are by no means below average. However, MAD Lions dropped a game to SK Gaming, which they were expected to win. Games like these might eventually haunt them.

G2 Esports: A Wounded Rival

Rank: 5th
Record: 7-6
Rank Change: +-

G2 Esports enjoyed a dominant victory over Team Vitality, with 25 kills to 15. G2 Wunder pulled out a special Sejuani top lane during the game and managed to record his 1000 Career LEC kill on stage during week 6's games. However, the celebrations were cut short by FNATIC.

G2 Esports wasn't able to overcome their rivals at the top of the table. They lost to FNATIC after an incredibly entertaining game to watch. For week 7, G2 Esports take on SK Gaming and Misfits, and with only 5 games remaining, every match matters.

Astralis: how do you like me now?

Rank: 6th
Record: 5-8
Rank Change: +-

Unfortunately, Astralis are back to their losing ways. The team lost both their games in week 6, but were understandably up against FNATIC and Rogue. Both of these games weren't exactly winnable considering the form Astralis has been on recently.

However, Astralis still has a significant chance of making the playoffs. For week 7, they go against MAD Lions, who have looked relatively shaky and can be toppled, followed by Schalke 04. The latter is a must-win if Astralis wish to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Team Vitality: Dont count them out yet

Rank: Tied 6th
Record: 5-8
Rank Change: +-

Everything is to play for as far as Team Vitality is concerned with the LEC side sitting tied for sixth with Astralis. Given both teams are on a two-game losing streak, it is anyones' seed to lose going into the postseason. Vitality lost to G2 Esports and MAD Lions this week. Both teams in recent weeks have been shaky so could have picked up a victory in either of these matches.

Next week is an important week for Team Vitality as they go up against Misfits Gaming and Excel Esports. The latter is the big one for Vitality, a win here will keep them in the hunt for that sixth and final spot. An 0-2 week would all but confirm their defeat in the race for the playoffs.

Excel: Struggles continue

Rank: Tied 8th
Record: 4-9
Rank Change: +-

While Excel Esports are mathematically in the race for a playoff spot. It is looking unlikely given the terrible form they have been in over the last two weeks. Excel is on a four-game losing streak and needs to turn it around in week seven.

Fortunately for Excel, in week seven they are going up against two teams who are of a similar level to them right now. Firstly, they go up against Schalke who is currently the worst team in the league. Schalke is also on a losing streak but on a five-game streak instead of four. Excel rounds out the week against an inconsistent Team Vitality.

SK Gaming: Starting to gain momentum

Rank: Tied 8th
Record: 4-9
Rank Change: +2 places

Things are starting to look up for SK Gaming and are within in a shout of miraculously making the playoffs. The LEC went 2-0 last week which puts them one game behind sixth-place Astralis and Vitality. SK Gaming started off the week with a victory over the MAD Lions. This was followed by a win against Excel Esports.

Week seven promises to be a difficult week for SK Gaming. Starting off, they go up against a G2 Esports side who have won three of their last four matches. The week gets even harder though, SK Gaming goes up against Fnatic who is looking like the best team in the league right now.

Schalke: When will they win?

Rank: 10th
Record: 3-10
Rank Change: -1 place

Schalke has officially fallen to the last place in the LEC, a site that is familiar with the League of Legends team. Schalke is currently on the longest losing streak of any side in the LEC with five consecutive losses to their name. It was a tough week for S04, first off, they went up against Rogue which was then followed up by a match against Misfits Gaming.

Next week definitely gets easier for the League of Legends side. While they are not eliminated from the playoffs, they will need to move a mountain next week and go 2-0 against Astralis and Excel if they are to stand any chance.