Impact sets new LCS record with a gold differential of +2,801 at just 10 minutes cover image

Impact sets new LCS record with a gold differential of +2,801 at just 10 minutes

Impact breaks LCS record as Evil Geniuses take down Dignitas in one of the most one-sided games in the leagues history.

Impact makes history

History was made this week in the LCS as Impact earns the highest gold differential at ten minutes. The former world champion has been back to his best this split and another LCS championship is on the cards. This was men against boys as EG bullied FakeGod the entire game, a game he will want to forget about very quickly.

Non-stop action from start to finish

The game started the way it ended, bloody. Dignitas got off to the perfect start as Svenskeren was picked off at level one to give Akaadian the perfect start. That perfect start lasted less than 120 seconds as Impact was able to solo kill FakeGod to bring EG back into it.

FakeGod made a rookie mistake as he teleported back into the wave despite Jiizuke already making the roam. This resulted in the Dignitas top laner having to flash away. Impact was well and truly off to the races as he teleported into the top lane to earn himself his second 'solobolo' in as many minutes.

From this moment on it was Evil Geniuses game to lose. Jiizuke and the rest of the EG squad did a fantastic job denying FakeGod the opportunity to farm up back into this game. It was not until 8:26 that FakeGod had reached level six while Impact was level eight.

With the gold deficit being as large as it was, Dignitas could be excused for the questionable plays that followed. Unfortunately for them, EG was too far ahead for any play to have value. On the other hand, EG continued to snowball their lead with every lane being ahead of their counterpart.

Evil Geniuses were able to push for the victory at the 24th-minute mark. They ended the game the only way they knew how, having fun. It was a bitter-sweet ending for FakeGod who picked up a quadra-kill as EG dived the DIG fountain.

Evil Geniuses finished the week 2-1 and will now have their sights firmly on securing at the minimum a bye heading into the playoffs.

Fudge sets an identical record but then doesn't...

The insanity of Impact's new record was later made even more ridiculous when Cloud 9's Fudge was reported to have matched the same record on the same playday. The fact was brought up on stream but later found out to be incorrect, making this new record, Impact's alone.

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