Following their crushing defeat to the RED Canids, PSG Bay sat down with Marn for an exclusive.

The 2022 Mid-Season Invitational did not get off to the greatest of starts for PSG Talon. The PCS side was crushed by Brazil’s RED Canids with PSG failing to put a single kill on the board. Despite the tough loss, caught up with PSG’s mid-laner Bay for an exclusive.

Marn: Bay thank you for taking the time to speak with us today, I know the match did not go great but I do have to ask what went wrong for you guys out there?

PSG Bay: So I think the moment I stepped on Zoe’s trouble bubble, which put me to sleep and got me killed, I think that is where the game started to go wrong for us, we started making mistakes.

Marn: That’s interesting because from the look of their composition, it looked all over the place, almost as if it was trying to do too many things at once, did their composition force mistakes out of you guys or was it simply individual errors?

PSG Bay: “We were making errors both individually and as a team, but also RED Canids were making really good setups and taking advantage”

PSG Bay: It was definitely a mixture of both, we were making errors both individually and as a team, but also RED Canids were making really good setups and taking advantage.

Marn: Yeah definitely. I wanted to focus now away from the game and more onto yourself, you previously played in the LCK system both on the main roster and academy for Nongshim, what does it feel like to be returning to Korea for an international event?

PSG Bay: I am really happy MSI is being hosted in Korea, which is why I really wanted to showcase what I can do and have a great performance. Sadly today I made too many mistakes, I can’t say I am happy with how I played today.

Marn: I am sure you are going to pick it up. Moving onto the PCS, it is not always easy for players to move to another region, how has the experience on PSG been for you and what do you think of the overall strength of the league?

PSG Bay: Yeah Korea definitely does have great lanes, but also their macro is really good. Since playing in the PCS I have seen their skill level in macro and lanes is also alright.

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