Following his victory over Saigon Buffalo, T1 Zeus spoke to’s Marn for an exclusive interview.

T1 Esports got off to a winning start at the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational. The undefeated LCK champions took down the second seed from the VCS, Saigon Buffalo. Following their victory over the VCS side,’s Marn sat down with the young top laner for an exclusive interview.

Marn: Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me today, how was your first international match?

T1 Zeus: I mean just being able to play against these new players who are also good is a great opportunity for me. I’m so grateful and also everyone is just so good so I think I really need to work hard.

Marn: Speaking on the game, Buffalo were explosive out the gates and made the early game quite chaotic, was you expecting this sort of performance from them?

T1 Zeus: So prior to the match our coaching staff told me that Buffalo actually love to dive top so I was really staying alert. I guess that didn’t happen as we had a lot of accidents on the other side of the map, so I did my best not to pay attention to that.

T1 Zeus. MSI 2022.
T1 Zeus. Image Credit: Riot Games.

Marn: T1 is stacked with personnel that know how to win championships. Bengi is a prime example of that who has won multiple world titles with T1, did he or anyone else help you prepare for the international stage and the expectations of playing for T1?

T1 Zeus: Yeah, I mean, every coach is trying to make us feel a lot more comfortable and also help us adapt to the new environment. And also, I mean, if they actually give us special advice because it’s an international tournament, I think that’s gonna make us feel a lot more nervous. So we’re just trying to play as we did in the LCK.

Marn: Not only is this your first international tournament but it is also in your home country, can you walk me through the emotions you were feeling about getting to compete on the international stage here in Korea?

Marn: In game one of MSI Oner brings out Vi, a champion that is not seen often, can you walk us through the thought process about picking Vi?

T1 Zeus: I don’t know all the details about the jungle picks but Oner actually said ‘yeah, this is the right angle.’ We have experience with the champion so it was not a new situation for us. If the right opportunity is there I think we will see more Vi.

T1 Zeus: “My ultimate goal and the playstyle that I’m pursuing is actually being able to carry every role that my team wants and needs”

Marn: Throughout the spring split, your champion pool was heavily leaning towards lane dominant champions, but also a couple of supportive picks, for new fans how would you describe your playstyle, do you prefer playing the carry champions or would you say you are a flexible player that can play anything?

T1 Zeus: So my ultimate goal and the playstyle that I’m kind of pursuing is actually being able to carry every role that my team wants and needs. But for me personally, I think I’m better at beating others in lane instead of just hanging on. I’m always doing my best in order to carry the role that my team wants.

Marn: So in the LEC/LCS, Ornn has been used primarily to counter that very playstyle, I wanted to get your thoughts on the champion and whether you feel it is as strong as perceived in the West?

T1 Zeus: So I definitely believe Ornn is a pick for the team and when the time is right I am down to play Ornn for the team. I have a lot of experience playing against Ornn in the LCK, primarily against Kiin. So I should be able to do well against it.

Fans cheer on their favorite teams at MSI 2022. Mid-Season Invitational Groups Stage on May 10, 2022 in Busan, South Korea. (Photo by Lee Aiksoon/Riot Games)

T1 Zeus: Yeah, I mean I could hear their cheers and claps and like they’re supporting us so hard. I guess that’s gonna be one of the advantages for us for sure. So I hope we can play out this tournament based on it.

Marn: Although nothing is given for free, you are favored in making the Rumble Stage, is there any team, and any player, who you would want to face?

T1 Zeus: So a team I would like to face in the Rumble Stage is G2 because when I was an academy player in T1, G2 was always getting in their way and blocking them so I want to get revenge. The player I would like to face the most in the Rumble Stage is Bin.

Marn: Finally, is there anything you want to say to your fans?

T1 Zeus: So yeah, this is my first international tournament. I believe a lot of foreign fans will be watching me so this is a great opportunity for me. So I want to do well and display great plays and also to all of the Korean fans out there. Thank you so much.

Featured image courtesy of Lee Aiksoon/Riot Games. Thank you to Jeesun Park for translating.

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