Here is your hub for all of the action throughout the remainder of the 2022 LCS summer split.

The 2022 LCS Summer Split is just approaching the halfway point. Teams are preparing for the second round-robin as the fight for playoff seeding intensifies. With the LCS summer playoffs hosting eight of the ten teams, there is everything to play for as the 2022 League of Legends World Championship approaches.

We will be updating this article weekly throughout the rest of the LCS regular season. Providing up-to-date results from every LCS game. For information regarding the teams competing in the 2022 Summer Split, the format, prize pool and more, please take a look at our LCS summer split information article here.

2022 LCS Summer split regular season schedule and results

Here is the full rundown of the results of the LCS summer split. All fixture times indicated will reflect Pacific Time.

LCS Week 1 – Superweek results

Team 1Team 2Winner
Evil GeniusesCloud9EG 1-0
Golden GuardiansFlyQuestFLY 1-0
100 ThievesTSM100T 1-0
ImmortalsTeam LiquidTL 1-0
DignitasCounter Logic GamingCLG 1-0
Cloud9 Golden GuardiansGG 1-0
DignitasTeam LiquidTL 1-0
Evil Geniuses100 ThievesEG 1-0
TSMCounter Logic GamingCLG 1-0
ImmortalsFlyQuestIMT 1-0
100 ThievesDignitas100T 1-0
FlyQuest Evil GeniusesEG 1-0
Team LiquidCloud9TL 1-0
Counter Logic GamingGolden GuardiansCLG 1-0
TSMImmortalsTSM 1-0

LCS week 2 results

Team 1Team 2Winner
Dignitas Cloud9 C9 1-0
100 ThievesGolden Guardians100T 1-0
TSMTeam LiquidTSM 1-0
Evil GeniusesImmortalsEG 1-0
FlyQuestCounter Logic GamingFLY 1-0
Golden GuardiansTSMGG 1-0
Team LiquidFlyQuestTL 1-0
Cloud9 100 ThievesC9 1-0
Counter Logic GamingEvil GeniusesCLG 1-0
ImmortalsDignitasDIG 1-0

LCS Week 3 results

Team 1Team 2Winner
TSMEvil GeniusesEG 1-0
FlyQuestDignitasFLY 1-0
100 Thieves Team Liquid100T 1-0
Golden GuardiansImmortalsGG 1-0
Counter Logic GamingCloud9C9 1-0
DignitasTSMDIG 1-0
Evil GeniusesGolden GuardiansEG 1-0
Cloud9FlyQuestFLY 1-0
Team LiquidCounter Logic GamingTL 1-0
Immortals100 Thieves100T 1-0

LCS Week 4 results

Team 1Team 2Winner
100 ThievesFlyQuestFLY 1-0
Dignitas Evil GeniusesEG 1-0
TSMCloud9C9 1-0
ImmortalsCounter Logic GamingCLG 1-0
Team LiquidGolden GuardiansTL 1-0
FlyQuestTSMTSM 1-0
CLG 100 Thieves 100T 1-0
Evil GeniusesTeam LiquidEG 1-0
Cloud9ImmortalsIMT 1-0
Golden GuardiansDignitasGG 1-0

LCS Week 5 schedule

DateTimeTeam 1Team 2Winner
07/23/202213:30DignitasCloud9C9 1-0
07/23/202214:30Team LiquidImmortalsTL 1-0
07/23/202215:30TSM100 Thieves100T 1-0
07/23/202216:30Evil GeniusesCounter Logic GamingEG 1-0
07/23/202217:30Golden GuardiansFlyQuestFLY 1-0
07/24/202212:30Team LiquidCounter Logic GamingCLG 1-0
07/24/202213:30Golden GuardiansCloud9C9 1-0
07/24/202214:30Evil Geniuses100 Thieves100T 1-0
07/24/202215:30TSMImmortalsIMT 1-0
07/24/202216:30FlyQuestDignitasFLY 1-0

LCS Week 6 schedule

DateTimeTeam 1Team 2Winner
07/30/202213:30FlyQuestCloud9C9 1-0
07/30/202214:30Dignitas100 Thieves100T 1-0
07/30/202215:30TSMTeam LiquidTL 1-0
07/30/202216:30Golden GuardiansCounter Logic GamingCLG 1-0
07/30/202217:30Evil GeniusesImmortalsEG 1-0
07/31/202212:30TSMGolden GuardiansTSM 1-0
07/31/202213:30Evil GeniusesFlyQuestEG 1-0
07/31/202214:30Team LiquidCloud9C9 1-0
07/31/202215:30Immortals100 Thieves100T 1-0
07/31/202216:30DignitasCounter Logic GamingCLG 1-0

LCS Week 7 schedule

DateTimeTeam 1Team 2Winner
08/06/202213:30Golden Guardians100 ThievesTBD
08/06/202214:30Evil GeniusesTSMTBD
08/06/202215:30Team LiquidFlyQuestTBD
08/06/202217:30Counter Logic GamingCloud9TBD
08/07/202213:30Cloud9100 ThievesTBD
08/07/202214:30Evil GeniusesTeam LiquidTBD
08/07/202215:30ImmortalsGolden GuardiansTBD
08/07/202216:30FlyQuestCounter Logic GamingTBD

LCS Week 8 schedule

DateTimeTeam 1Team 2Winner
08/12/202214:30Team LiquidDignitasTBD
08/12/202215:30Evil GeniusesGolden GuardiansTBD
08/12/202216:30FlyQuest100 ThievesTBD
08/12/202217:30TSMCounter Logic GamingTBD
08/13/202213:30Team LiquidGolden GuardiansTBD
08/13/202214:30Counter Logic Gaming100 ThievesTBD
08/13/202217:30Evil GeniusesDignitasTBD
08/14/202212:30ImmortalsCounter Logic GamingTBD
08/14/202213:30Evil Geniuses Cloud9TBD
08/14/202214:30Team Liquid100 ThievesTBD
08/14/202215:30Golden GuardiansDignitasTBD

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