Neon shares his thoughts on the bot lane meta, struggles and Misfits resurgence after five straight wins in the LEC

After a 0-4 start in the LEC summer split, Misfits Gaming turned things around with five straight wins. The team completed a perfect Week 4 with back-to-back wins against both Fnatic and G2.’s Rashidat Jimoh spoke to Misfits’ Matúš “Neon” Jakubčík after their win against G2 in the LEC.

Q: Hi Neon, Congrats on the win, I want to start by asking how was the one-week LEC break for you?

Misfits Neon: Well, we were coming into a very difficult week. Like you’re facing two of the most pronounced orgs in Europe, Fnatic and G2. So they have very strong teams, very strong rosters, a lot of history. So there’s a lot of pressure on you.

And the way we approached the week was, [that] we were kind of fearless. We knew that we are against the odds. And actually, I think that helps us with the pressure that, you know, like, if you’re not expected to win, then there’s less pressure on you, in a sense, right. So I think that could have been a factor that might have helped us overcome these two teams this week.

Q: Speaking off the odds. You had a very difficult start to the season, what was your mindset during this tough period?

Misfits Neon: It really sucks when you are 0-4 and you feel like you might go 0- 16. It’s a very tough spot to be in. And it’s like, the other coin of being a pro player. It’s like, well, basically, if you’re winning, then this is like the best job ever. But if you’re losing is like a living nightmare. And to be honest, the start of the split was like a living nightmare. So we just made sure that we do whatever it is possible for us to try and win.

Q: You’ve taken down both Fnatic and G2 in just one week, how are you feeling after that?

Misfits Neon: I mean, that doesn’t make me feel any better because for me to feel at least a little good we need to have playoffs secured and right now we still don’t have that and there’s in my opinion not much to celebrate.

Q: We are done with the first half of the split and are nearing the end of the summer split. What are you looking forward to improving most going into the second half?

Misfits Neon: Well, I guess consistency because like right now we have found our way, we have found the style that works for us. So we just need to keep consistently being able to pull off games like these like we’re pulling off so far. And I think we’re gonna be good.

Misfits LEC players. Image Credit: Riot Games

Q: In the G2 game you went for the Baron at the end of the game and Inferno soul was spawning almost at the same time which was very important for your team as well. What was the thought process during that play?

Misfits Neon: We were waiting to pick up Corki package as late as possible so that we have it for Nash, and if they give up Nash we still have it for Drake. So it overlaps over both objectives and we managed to do that. They gave Nash to try and answer the Soul but lost ultimately because we got a really good tp flank with the Corki package that we delayed till the very end.

Q: A lot of people have different opinions on what makes Twitch good as a counter to Zeri, what is yours?

Misfits Neon: Well, I don’t want to give too much insight because I have my view on it. And I don’t want to make other teams share my view because I think that my view on this matchup is pretty good. So I’ll just keep it to myself.

Q: Fair enough. So, what are your thoughts on both lane meta in EU compared to other major regions?

Misfits Neon: In bot lane, we are very open-minded I think. In LPL it’s a lot of engage, and teams don’t prioritize counter picks too much. But in EU it’s like, a lot of teams are trying different things, trying different counterpick sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. And honestly, I don’t feel like LCK and LPL have the best bot lane meta, it just like comes down to like how good you are as a player and how many champions you can play.

We even heard that [the] LCK gets inspired by EU and vice versa. So if you’re a pro player and you think something is good, then maybe you play it. See where it takes you.

Misfits Neon

Yeah, I don’t feel like LCK and LPL are like, super good at drafting bot lane. I think it comes down to the bot lane that plays the role. And like what the champions they’re good at. And they should just like find their own way. Like, yeah we even heard that [the] LCK gets inspired by EU and vice versa. So if you’re a pro player and you think something is good, then maybe you play it. See where it takes you.

Q: Speaking of trying different things, your team was hovering around Annie a bit in draft. Is that something we should keep an eye out for?

Misfits Neon: No, no, no that was just a joke.

Neon and Vetheo at LEC studio. Image Credit: Riot Games

Q: You and Vetheo are the most experienced players on Misfits, how has it been fitting in that role where you can guide the rest of the team in-game?

Misfits Neon: I mean, it’s been kind of natural because I’ve been in their shoes. I kind of know how they’re feeling and what they’re experiencing. So it’s just like, kind of easy for me to tell what they’re going through and like offer them help if they need it.

Q: Yeah, so we’ve seen teams lower in the standings beat “top teams”. Do you think LEC is more competitive than we’ve seen in a very long time?

Misfits Neon: Definitely, I think this split is extremely competitive. And yeah, I can’t even predict the teams that will make playoffs.

Q: Any last words for the Misfits fans?

Misfits Neon: Keep supporting us and thanks, if you already are.

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