This win sees TSM move to a 3-6 record and keeps playoff hopes alive.

TSM got a much-needed win in the LCS last night with its newest roster dismantling FlyQuest in a very one-sided affair. All eyes were on TSM this week following a turbulent announcement which saw multiple players change in both the Academy and starting lineups.

With this victory under their belt, TSM moves to 3-6 in the LCS standings, keeping their playoff hopes alive. Following the match, TSM's rookie ADC and Top laner Instinct and S0ul spoke to the broadcast in a post-game interview.

TSM holds FlyQuest to only one kill in a dominant performance

Many who believed it would be a walk in the park for FlyQuest were in for a rude awakening. FlyQuest opted in for a scaling composition that centred around Corki to provide late-game damage. Although this is a standard draft this season, perhaps FlyQuest anticipated this match would be a walk in the park and simply played for scaling? In game one this week, Cloud9 opted into an early game composition that was on a 20-minute timer.

FlyQuest was certainly playing the long game, and it backfired horribly. The early game went as expected with very little action. TSM would be the ones that would gain an advantage as the mid-game approached. Pressure in both the top lane and bottom lane meant FlyQuest were pinned to their turrets, meaning TSM could easily pick up the early dragons.

Every play that FlyQuest made, TSM had an answer for and slowly the gold lead was getting out of reach for FlyQuest. By the time the third dragon came around, they were almost down 4k. TSM hypothetically sealed the deal in that third dragon fight, getting a 4-0 team fight. TSM would go on to close out the game and move to 3-6.

"There were a lot of doubters and haters against us, we proved them wrong"

Instinct following victory over FlyQuest

This victory over FlyQuest was not only important for the organization, but also for S0ul and Instinct. While S0ul garnered some praise for his performances in Academy, this was not the case for Instinct. Many wondered why the young ADC was being brought in to replace Tactical, Instincts time in Academy has not been blessed with much success.

This week, TSM Instinct was arguably the best performer out of the three new players introduced into the starting roster. Instinct performed admirably against Cloud9, even killing Berserker in lane. On top of that, Instinct had a monstrous performance against FlyQuest which ended up in him getting a penta-kill in his debut week.

Instincts penta kill echoes Wildturtles debut

The tweet from the official LCS account referenced history repeating itself with Instinct getting a penta kill in his debut week for TSM. Legendary ADC Wildturtle made his debut for the seven-time champions in 2013 and scored a penta kill in his debut week.

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