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Are you better than Jinx? Aim Lab partners with Riot for Arcane Training Task cover image

Are you better than Jinx? Aim Lab partners with Riot for Arcane Training Task


Aim Lab is the latest game to crossover with League of Legends to promote Riot Games’ Arcane Netflix series.

The crossovers and tie-ins for Arcane continue with the free aim trainer Aim Lab becoming the latest game to collaborate with Riot Games. Aim Lab today (November 14th) announced a collaboration between themselves and Arcane across their social media.
Aim Lab is a popular aim trainer, with more than 20 million players. The collaboration launched today is part of two Aim Lab collaborations with Arcane. The Second, an exclusive event during Riot Games' Undercity Nights even in Los Angeles, will see an VR Arcane-themed Aim Lab experience available for visitors.
Arcane, the League of Legends Netflix show has had numerous promotional crossovers with games in multiple genres. From their own League of Legends, to Fortnite, and Among Us, Riot hasn't been shy of putting Arcane content in any game.
The Aim Lab collaboration sees the same shooting gallery game from Arcane, utilized by Jinx and her gang in their underground hideout, make its way into Aim Lab. The featured task, is prominent on the Aim Lab main menu. The event task has you taking out numerous villainous targets.

Aim Lab's Arcane Crossover

It's not hard to find the new trial
It's not hard to find the new trial

How to play?

For a dedicated FPS player, this will surely be easy fare… but for a MOBA player, used to auto attacks and tasked with playing Aim Lab for the first time, it’s no easy task. The Arcane mini game sees you aim at between two and four locations on each target.
These help you know what you should be shooting
These help you know what you should be shooting
The aim is to hit the heart and the head, and occasionally the bombs, and take out the targets. Some targets, such as the suspiciously familiar pirate captain, require multiple shots to take out their heart and head.
To make things more difficult, a startled noble Piltover lady stands directly in your primary line of sight. Hit her, and you lose points. Hit her too many times and you’re going to head into negative numbers. 
The issue is that firing the gun is just too fun. The satisfying ping of the pink balls from your toy gun sounds just so good. You can end up spam clicking which goes against your score. Accuracy matters, even with a fake gun.
But the game mode is also pretty addictive. With a ranked leaderboard where you can see the best players at the mode, and the ability to show off your score, it's easy to quickly become hooked on this shooting gallery.
Aim Lab's lets you export your scoreboard to share/brag on socials
Aim Lab's lets you export your scoreboard to share/brag on socials
What's more, you can download and share your score on Twitter to show off to your friends. Or give them a reason to join in and beat you. Either way, it's an another cool and surprising crossover that Arcane has brought about.

History of Aim Lab

Aim Lab has been an essential tool for FPS pros in games like CS:GO and Valorant to train their skills for years. Still in beta and early access, but already an vital training platform, seeing Aim Lab turned to a promotional tool is a surprise for many. But for such an crucial FPS utility, it’s also a relief to know it’s received the well-deserved support that it's gained from the Arcane crossover. 
A terrible score from a great game mode
A terrible score from a great game mode
Active since 2018, Aim Lab was founded by a team of neuroscientists, including founder Dr. Wayne Mackey. Commenting about the collaboration, Dr. Mackey stated that "Riot has been an inspiring creative partner and we're excited to expand our innovative celebration of gaming performance with Arcane. The worlds Riot has built have captured the hearts of many fans, and as fans ourselves, we're proud to give everyone an opportunity to level up their skills while interacting with a new world we, and millions of fans, are passionate about.”
To play the Arcane crossover, with Aim Lab, download the game for free on Steam. Start it up, complete the tutorial and enjoy the Arcane crossover. It’s a bizarre, slightly odd mix, from the stark realism of the usual Aim Lab, but definitely enjoyable, even if you’re a newbie to the world of FPS games. For more info visit or
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