Arcane characters will be made available in Among Us through an Arcane Cosmicube dropping November 12.

Arcane is continuing its rampant run towards becoming a phenomenon after it was announced that Among Us would feature League of Legends characters in their game.

The video features a gray Among Us crewmember catching Heimerdinger, a League of Legends character featured in the Netflix series, running around a dead orange crewmember. 

The Among us in-game partnership is the first of its kind. It will be the first time the game does not feature the colored space soldiers in-game. Instead, players will have an opportunity to play as some of their favorite League of Legends characters as they search for an imposter.

RiotX Arcane Progress Days

For Riot Game’s this Among Us partnership is one of many various collaborations, as part of RiotX Arcane Progress Days. 

The trailer features several different Arcane characters running rampant across various games like Fortnite and PUBG as well as the aforementioned gif of Heimerdinger in Among Us.

Progress Days is another project looking to expand the efforts of continuing to see growth in Riot’s new animated Netflix show.

What is Arcane for those living under a rock

Arcane is Riot Game’s newest venture outside the world of gaming and features an ensemble of League of Legends characters in an animated series.

The story focuses on the relationship between two LoL Characters, Vi and Jinx, also known as Powder. Throughout the story, the two sisters deal with the larger struggles of crime and poverty in their home of Zaun while dealing with the contrasting world of Piltover.

Just who is Powder from Arcane? (Image via Netflix)
Just who is Powder from Arcane? (Image via Netflix)

Many fans of Riot’s work have also gone on to possibly speculate which other League of Legends characters could appear in Arcane or possibly even already have appeared.

So far, it has been positively received and has reached #1 on Netflix in 38 different countries, surpassing the likes of the popular South Korean show Squid Games.

Arcane Act 2 will be released on November 13 as Riot’s popular Netflix series looks to continue its momentum from Act 1. 

The new Arcane Cosmicube will be released on November 12, one day before the release of Arcane Act 2. 
Stay tuned to for the latest League of Legends news and updates, as well as Arcane, the #1 Netflix show.