Only three days after the Miniset launch, the Hearthstone team removed two Anomalies in a surprise patch. What’s this hotfix about?

Hearthstone announced an unexpected hotfix patch today -yes on a Friday- to address the recently added Anomalies to constructed. The mechanic that arrived with the Fall of Ulduar Miniset turned critiques into support once players started testing them.

However, two particular Anomalies were too much for constructed Hearthstone, and the team decided to ban them in a surprise patch today. On top of that, the Final Design Lead teased an upcoming nerf that should hit Druid next week. Let's go over the details.

Hearthstone bans 2 Anomalies

The 27.4.1 hotfix patch rolled out today to relieve Hearthstone players from total corruption. It seems that Yogg's tentacles went too deep, and 2 Anomalies had to be removed from the game.

"The Unimaginable Horrors (new Hero Power) and Twist Reality (shuffle cards played back into deck) Anomalies have been removed from the Anomaly pool. They may be reworked and returned to the pool in a future update."

Dev comment on removed Anomalies
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The idea behind Anomalies was to allow players to have a different experience each time they entered the Tavern. Differently from what happens in Battlegrounds, constructed Anomalies shouldn't change the game significantly. That's why the Hearthstone team rolled this emergency patch to remove the two most impactful ones.

This quick response proves that the developers are close to the community and that they pay attention to the feedback, as long as it's given in a respectful manner. It's a shame that Cora had to delete Tweets and partially leave social media after community outrage on Reddit.

Hearthstone teases another patch with Druid nerfs

On top of this emergency patch, Aleco, Hearthstone's Final Design Lead, posted today a disturbing image for Druid enjoyers. It seems that Gadzetzan Auctioneer has been misbehaving, keeping some deals off his books and evading some taxes.

Everything points to a new Hearthstone patch coming next week to nerf the iconic card that enables Miracle Druids. The deck only rose in popularity after the Fall of Ulduar Miniset launch, and while it's only been up for a few days, it already has a target behind its back.

This speaks volumes about how much the Hearthstone team monitors Standard and how frequent patches became a thing. Some years ago, nerfs were a strange thing that in many cases arrived too late. There's no ideal world, and this quick Hearthstone action also caused a reaction from Zeddy, demanding more Wild focus patches.

Last but not least, talking about Wild, with Twist as a new format, it is possible that Hearthstone will give a bit more attention in future patches to the mode. Let's see what the team has planned for us next week. Until then, stay tuned to for more Hearthstone news and updates.