Once again, the best players gathered in the Hearthstone Tavern to play the Solary GP Tournament. Check out how your favorite streamers performed.

Solary has been keeping the Hearthstone competitive scene alive with high-profile tournaments. The event had a €2,000 and a mix of professional invited players and contenders coming from open qualifiers.

Solary Hearthstone Grand Prix

This weekend, Hearthstone esports fans enjoyed the Solary GP finals, a tournament that saw its qualifiers starting one month ago. There were 4 open qualifiers, and the Top 2 of each would qualify for the October 14 & 15 main event.

These eight contenders had to fight against eight other seasoned invited players, including legends such as Thijs and the current World Champion Bunnyhoppor. These were the 16 players that clashed this weekend.

The tournament was completely stacked and created a lot of hype among the competitive community, with many big names facing each other and some underdogs eager to make history.

Tournament Recap

The Hearthstone Solary GP main event featured a double elimination bracket in which players battled until only 2 were left. Players coming from the open qualifiers had to face the event guests in round 1, but given the double-elimination nature of the tournament, a loss didn't mean going home.

There were many interesting matches before the finals, probably Bunnyhoppor against Jarla was one of the highest profile ones. They run into each other in Round 3 of the Winners Bracket, with Jarla defeating the World Champion by 3-2 and then on the Looser Bracket finals. There, Bunnyhoppor took revenge, defeating Jarla 3-0 and making it into the Grand Finals.

TrueBench, a player coming from the open Qualifiers was waiting, eager to face Bunny, and since they hadn't been defeated yet, they had a double chance to become the Hearthstone Solary GP champion. Bunny on the other side, needed to win both Final matches to take the crown.

Solary GP Hearthstone Finals and Decks

The Solary GP Hearthstone finalists repeated Ramp Druid and Rainbow Mage in their line-ups. With Druid being the auto-ban in most matches, there was only one possible mirror match.

image 1
image 2

You can check out the 16 lineups for the Hearthstone Solary GP on Donkey's page and copy the codes to import them into the game too.

The first of the two finals went to Bunnyhoppor, who wanted to prove that he might have retired from the official Hearthstone esports circuit, but his competitive flame was still alive. TureBench didn't feel intimidated after the first loss and steam-rolled the Hearthstone World champion with a 3-0 score in the second final to take the Solary GP crown!

The Solary GP was a tournament with players of the caliber of a Hearthstone Esports Masters Tour. With Hearthstone Esports being in a tough spot, it is a relief to find third-party events like this.

Moreover, it was a mouthful of fresh air to the players tired of the Druid meta. Both Thijs and Bunnyhoppor recognized this, given that they could ban Druid in every match, their Solary GP Hearthstone experience was refreshing.

If you enjoyed the Solary GP tournament, stay tuned to esports.gg since the Hearthstone Fall Masters Tour Championship is around the corner. Save the date, we will meet again on October 28 and 29. Until then, see you next time in the Tavern.