After playing over 1,000 tournaments, Naru won a Hearthstone Qualifier and will be playing in the next $250K Masters Tour. It’s all about the grind!

Naru has finally won a Hearthstone Masters Tour Qualifier after literally playing more than a thousand tournaments. Some players are all about the grind, and Naru is one of them. Now he will have a shot in the first Masters Tour of 2022 with $250,000 in prizes. As the Fractured in Alterac Valley’s theme song says: Never fall back.

Naru wins a Hearthstone Masters Tour Qualifier after two years trying

If you are a competitive Hearthstone player and ever stopped at D0nkey’s site for Masters Tour Qualifiers stats, you might have read Naru’s name in the charts. Naru has been playing Hearthstone Qualifiers since the Masters system was implemented in 2019.

Between 2020 and 2022, Naru played exactly 1198 out of 1392 possible Qualifiers. In this incredible grind, Naru accumulated 1245 Hearthstone packs from Qualifiers prizes (top 10 in the world).

For some, the 1198th is the charm. Naru didn’t have a smooth run in his winning Qualifier. He won each of the 8 rounds by narrow 2-1 scores. You won’t find a better example of a grinder!

In his tweet, Naru thanks the RNG Gods for giving him good match-ups with no counter-lineups. There is always a luck component in Hearthstone, and to win a tournament you need it on your side. However, Naru’s perseverance in Hearthstone Qualifiers is not a matter of luck, but character. He has played over 80% of all possible tournaments since 2020.

GG WP Naru

The Hearthstone competitive community recognized Naru’s win Masters Tour One Qualifier. Pro players, casters, and even a Hearthstone Game Designer, among others, congratulated him.

If you are curious about his lineup, Naru won playing Bolner OTK Shaman, Aggro-Taunt Druid, and Quest Warlock (and of course, banning every Rogue he run into). Check this link for the deck codes if you want to try the deck yourselves.

Naru's winning Line-up in Hearthstone Masters Tour Qualifier #25
Naru's winning Line-up in Hearthstone Masters Tour Qualifier #25

A bonus track before we go. Despite being this the first time Naru won a Hearthstone Masters Tour Qualifier, he had an important result in 2019. Back when Hearthstone Qualifiers were played in Swiss format, Naru nailed a 7-1 record that gave him a top 8 finish. On top of that, he also got other two Top 8 finishes.

If you are interested in how to play Masters Tour Qualifiers and win yourself a spot in the next $250,000 Hearthstone tournament like Naru did make sure to check the Guide.

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