Hearthstone Masters system: A full FAQ guide about how to start competing, win free packs and even cash prizes along the way. Everything you need to know is here!

The Hearthstone competitive system is called Masters and has three different tiers. The entry-level is the Hearthstone Masters Tour Qualifiers, which are open tournaments with over 500 packs and a Masters Tour invite in prizes each. Get your armor ready, and grab your sword, we are about to enter the Hearthstone Esports Masters system.

Hearthstone Masters Overview

In 2022, Hearthstone will have 6 Masters Tour events with a total of $1,500,000 in prizes. This could sound scary, and you might think this is not for you, but hold on, you can earn packs with as little as registering into the Hearthstone Masters Toru Qualifiers in some cases and earn hundreds of dollars just by playing the game.

Going back to the Hearthstone Masters Tours, there are 2 main ways to qualify. You could earn your invite through Ladder or in the Hearthstone Masters Tour Qualifiers. The Ladder path is quite straightforward. You play your games, and if by the end of the month you get top 50 on a server, you get an invite to participate in the corresponding Hearthstone Masters Tour for that season.

Hearthstone Masters Tour Invites breakdown
Hearthstone Masters Tour Invites breakdown

On the other hand, we have the Hearthstone Masters Tour Qualifiers. These tournaments are especially appealing for casual or new players as well because you can earn packs with only one win. So if you are looking to complete your collection, this could help you boost it since each tournament grants over 500 packs in prizes.

Hearthstone Masters Tour Qualifiers Prizes

  • 1st - Invite to Masters Tour, 20 packs
  • 2nd - 20 packs
  • 3rd - 4th - 15 packs
  • 5th - 8th - 10 packs
  • 9th - 16th - 5 packs
  • 17th - 32nd - 4 packs
  • 33rd - 64th - 3 packs
  • 65th - 128th - 2 packs
  • 129th - 256th - 1 pack

As you probably already realized from the pic above, you can get into a Masters Tour event without winning a Qualifier. If you are consistent enough to have one of the best winrates in the qualifiers and play at least 10 tournaments, you could get one of the 50 invites given to the top-performing players.

How to find and join a Hearthstone Masters Tour Qualifier

Hearthstone Masters Tour Qualifiers run on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, with schedules adapted for each server’s time zone. If you want to check when is the next event for your server, you can visit the Hearthstone Esports Battlefy’s homepage.

Hearthstone Masters Tour Qualifiers Schedule
Hearthstone Masters Tour Qualifiers Schedule

As you can see in the top right, you can filter by Server. You can play in any region tournament, but you need a card collection in that region to play. Make sure you have configured your time zone correctly not to miss any deadline. Another convenient resource when looking for these tournaments is Yaytears’ page, in which you will find the same information in a simplified manner.

Register and submit your decks

To join any Masters Tour Qualifiers, on top of a Hearthstone account and collection, you need to register yourself in Battlefy and link your game account. After taking this first step, you need to join the Hearthstone Masters Tour Qualifier you want to play. There is no “no-show” penalty, so if you are interested in playing them, it’s good practice to join them in advance, even if you are not sure you will end up playing.

How to Register for Hearthstone Masters?

Ready to farm some packs, crush the competition, and become a Hearthstone Master? So, smash that red button on the right, accept the general rules (that I’m sure you have already studied by now, but if not, here is a useful link),

complete your info, and is time to submit your Decks by pasting the deck string code. You can get your deck code by pressing Ctrl+C in your collection with your deck opened. If you are joining in advance, or aren’t sure what to play, you can just skip this last step, but remember, you won’t be able to check in without decks.

Deck Submission Screen
Deck Submission Screen

You will have time to submit and modify your decklists until the tournament starts. If you are unsure of when exactly is this, you can always check the right side of the tournament page in Battlefy for the countdown clocks. To edit your decks, simply click on the Edit Decks button.

One important detail to know is that the Hearthstone Masters Qualifiers are played under the Single-Elimination Best of 3 Conquest Format. So, you will need to register 3 decks of different classes and once you lose a series (not a single game) you are out. Check out this useful video to learn more about the Conquest Format.

Check in to the Masters Qualifiers

To play in every tournament, not just Hearthstone Masters Qualifiers, you will need to check in. This is just a confirmation that you are present at the time of the event.

Nothing to stress out it’s just hitting the Check-in button on the right, which enables 30 minutes before the tournament starts. Once again, there is no punishment for checking in and dropping afterward. So, if you are doubting, just click, and once the match comes, you can decide whether to play or drop.

Up to this point, you should be able to do everything on your own. However, if you have any doubts or want to engage in conversations with other fellow players, you can join the Hearthstone Masters Qualifiers Discord.

In this server, you will find admins who can help you out before the tournament starts. Once the tournament start, the best way to ask for assistance is directly on the Match page in Battlefy.

We will get to that soon. For more information, you can also check Hearthstone Masters Tour Qualifiers FAQ

Playing a Hearthstone Masters Tour Qualifiers

So, you have your perfect 90 cards, know the rules, already made some friends on the Discord server, and checked in to the tournament, what’s next? Oh, right, play the tournament.

Usually, less than 5 minutes after the tournament starts, admins will seed the bracket and you will get to see your opponent. Sometimes, if there aren’t enough players, you can be lucky enough to get a free win (and maybe a free pack too).

Eventually, you will face a player thirsty for glory and eager to become a Hearthstone Master. Don’t let all these words put you nervous it’s just another game, much like if you were playing ladder.

The match

Once you get to the matching page, you will have 10 minutes to know your opponent and admins you are ready.

If either player doesn’t check in within those 10 minutes, Battlefy will grant an automatic defeat to the absent player. Most of the time, Battlefy notifications work but hitting F5 now and then didn’t kill anyone.

Before playing, you will have to add your opponent in-game by copy-pasting their battletag and after you got in contact with him, go to the banning phase.

What if I have a problem with my match?

If you have any questions or problems, you can report a problem directly on the Battlefy match page, and a Hearthstone admin will assist you. The best way of communication is via the chat boxes you have below.

If you were able to add your opponent and challenge him to a friendly match, the next step is to ban them a class/deck.

In Hearthstone Masters Tour Qualifiers, you get to ban or eliminate one deck from your opponent before starting the match. The whole process is handled by Battlefy, and it’s fairly easy.

Anything else I should know?

One tip I could give you is to check your opponent’s decks and scout their previous matches to anticipate what they will ban to get an edge.

Remember to take screenshots after each game to have evidence in case there is any kind of problem.

Screenshots are not required but will be useful to prove any misconduct to an admin.

After the match, go back to Battlefy to report the result. If there were no problems, the system will automatically advance you to the next round.

Hearthstone Masters Tour Qualifiers go until they finish. So once you win a match, check the bracket to see if you already have an opponent.

If you see the bracket is delayed, you can take a break, but remember that if you don’t mark yourself as ready when you get an opponent, you can get a def-lose.

Tips to become a Hearthstone Master

Remember that you don’t need to come up with a new deck or a revolutionary line-up. Most of the work has already been done. One tip that will come in handy. You can go to Yaytears’ site and check the winning line-ups from previous events. That way you can choose to go with those powerful decks, or if you feel confident enough, develop a strategy to counter them. Don't forget to check HsReplay.net data too.

Finally, if you are in the Hearthstone Masters Tour Qualifiers farming business, try to manage the packs you get to nurture your collection in more than one server. This way, you will get double the chances of qualifying and double the number of free packs.

That is all for now. I need to go and submit my decks for the next Hearthstone Masters Tour Qualifier. Stay tuned to Esports.gg for more Hearthstone news and updates. See you next time in the tavern.