Hearthstone Battlegrounds’ first LAN event at DreamHack was a blast. Check out who won the $20,000 event and what’s next for BGs!

DreamHack has a fame for amazing LAN parties, and the Hearthstone Battlegrounds community was part of it once again. The Hearthstone Fest took place last weekend at DreamHack Summer in Sweden. Today we will recap the action of this amazing $20,000 Hearthstone Battlegrounds tournament.

Hearthstone Fest at Dreamhack

Hearthstone Battlegrounds fans had the chance to participate in an open LAN tournament at DreamHack for the first time. The $20,000 event lasted two days, with players battling their way into the final stage.

DreamHack Hearthstone Battlegrounds tournament format
DreamHack Hearthstone Battlegrounds tournament format

During Day 1, players would compete in a 4 Round Swiss bracket, adapted into Hearthstone Battlegrounds terms. The top 16 would make it to day two when the battle would resume.

This was not the first time a Hearthstone Battlegrounds tournament took place. However, the fact that it was a LAN event turned into something special. We all know Bob doesn’t treat you the same way when you are at the main stage.

It was time for the Hearthstone DreamHack Fest finals, and the only thing that mattered was to accumulate the most points possible in three lobbies. Here is when consistency is valued the most, and DeepSabbath was the most consistent of all players. 

Despite not being able to win any of the three lobbies at the finals, DeepSabbath scored enough points to secure the championship and the $5,000 first-place prize.

Final Standings
Final Standings

After winning the event, DeepSabbath said in an interview that he played Hearthstone Battlegrounds since beta, but DreamHack Fest was his first LAN tournament. Furthermore, DeepSabbath thanked the chat for showing great support during the broadcast.

If you would like to watch the action, feel free to check out the DreamHack Hearthstone Fest VODs. Moreover, remember that this weekend the third edition of Hearthstone Battlegrounds Lobby Legends is taking place. We have prepared a viewer's guide for you not to miss any of the details.

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