Celebrating the Showdown in the Badlands expansion, Hearthstone fans will get Free packs via Twitch Drops and during Community Day.

The sun is up in the sky, the Showdown in the Badlands Hearthstone expansion hype is already building, and it will keep growing during Community Day with Twitch Drops and Free packs! What other thing do players love more than free loot?

Incredible treasures await, as Reno would say, we are gonna be rich. Check out the details below.

Community Day Event & Hearthstone Twitch Drops

Starting on Saturday, Oct 21, 9 a.m. Pacific, Hearthstone players will be able to get Free Packs via Community Day Twitch Drops. The Event will last 24 hours, ending on Sunday Oct 22, 9 am Pacific.

During this time, viewers who watch any Hearthstone stream will get up to 9 free packs in the form of five Twitch Drops. Each Twitch Drop has a different set of free packs, 7 of them being Standard.

Here is how it works, watching 45 minutes of any Hearthstone stream will grant you the following drops:

  • First drop: 2 Journey to Un’Goro Packs
  • Second drop: 1 Voyage to the Sunken City Pack + 1 Murder at Castle Nathria Pack
  • Third drop: 1 March of the Lich King Pack + 1 Festival of Legends Pack
  • Fourth drop: 1 TITANS Pack + 1 Showdown in the Badlands Pack
  • Fifth drop: 1 Showdown in the Badlands Pack

It's likely that you will need to claim each Hearthstone Twitch Drop separately before you start accumulating progress toward the next batch of free packs. Make sure you check your Twitch Inventory for that!

Twitch Inventory image from previous campaigns
Twitch Inventory image from previous campaigns

Moreover, during that weekend, Hearthstone streamers will be doing BlizzCon Collection giveaways to add some giddyup to the celebration!.

How to connect your Twitch and Battle.net account

To do that, you need to go to your Battle.net account and scroll down to connect it to Twitch. After doing it, refresh any Hearthstone stream with active drops and start progressing toward your free packs.

To make sure everything is going fine and you will get your Hearthstone free packs, you can check your Twitch Inventory. In this Drops and Rewards section, you will see every detail about the Twitch Drops promotion and how much time you need to keep watching the Community Day streams to get those free Hearthstone packs.

Make sure that you claim your Community Day free packs after completing the viewing time. After that, the free packs earned via Twitch Drops should appear in your Hearthstone client.

That's all for now, but stay tuned for more Hearthstone news and guides. Be sure to visit esports.gg for all the latest esports news. See you next time in the Tavern