Prime Gaming it’s back with some treats offering 3 Standard Hearthstone packs for free. Here’s how to get them even if you are note Prime.

Once again, Twitch is giving out Hearthstone loot, in this case 3 Standard card packs to Prime Gaming users. However, there's a way to get that boost for free even if you are not a current Twitch Prime member. What's more, we help you with a trick if you are already thinking about the next expansion!

How to get 3 free Hearthstone packs with Prime Gaming

Prime Gaming users can get 3 Hearthstone standard packs for free during this campaign. These are the steps:

  1. Go to this Amazon link.
  2. Make sure you are both logged in to your Amazon or Prime Gaming account and that you have it connected to your account.
  3. Claim the Prime Gaming reward.
  4. Open your Hearthstone client, and the 3 Standard packs will be waiting for you.

This offer expires on November 22, 2023, so you have time to do it. What's more, you can kind of game the system to get extra value from your free Prime Gaming Hearthstone packs. Here's how.

Hold and get more value!

Any Prime Gaming user can get these Standard Hearthstone packs until November 22. These packs will follow Hearthstone's Duplicate Protection rules, which means that you'll be opening cards you don't own.

Why is this important? If you already have a decent collection, you could hold it for some weeks and see if you can claim it once the next Showdown in the Badlands expansion goes live in case you don't have enough resources to buy it.

Get the 3 Free Standard Packs without being a Prime Member

While this offer is exclusive to Prime Gaming members, there's a way to get the 3 Free Standard Hearthstone packs even if you are not subscribed to the service. Amazon offers an option to do a Prime Gaming trial for free (amount of days depends on the country).

Get 3 Free packs without being a Prime Member
Get 3 Free packs without being a Prime Member

Setting up the free trial is simple:

  • Go to any Prime Gaming page.
  • Click on the top right "Try Prime" button.
  • Check if your country is eligible for Amazon Prime or only Prime Gaming/Prime Video free trials.
  • Click on "Continue" to log into your account and activate the free trial.
  • Go back to the Prime Gaming Hearthstone loot page to claim the free packs.

Stay tuned to for more Hearthstone news and updates. See you next time in the Tavern.