After a weekend of intense matches, Gaby became the Hearthstone Masters Tour Ruins of Alterac champion! Here’s how he reached the top!

After a weekend of intense matches, Gabriel “Gaby” Jeanne has become the Hearthstone Masters Tour Ruins of Alterac champion! Upon winning the grand finals, Gaby donned his sunglasses to celebrate with style. 

Hearthstone Masters Tour Ruins of Alterac featured the Conquest format, which involved players bringing four decks and four unique classes into the fray. Each player banned one deck from their opponent and battled in best-of-five matches. 

Hearthstone Masters Tour Ruins of Alterac format
Hearthstone Masters Tour Ruins of Alterac format. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

How Gaby Won Hearthstone Masters Tour Ruins of Alterac

To reach the very top, Gaby duked it out against opponents such as Kiparang and holywater during the live broadcast. In the finals, he battled Hachikuji using Rally Priest, Kaz Druid, and Quest Rogue for the win. 

This was Gaby’s winning deck lineup:

  • Rogue: AAECAYO6AgbD4QOd8AOm+QPH+QO9gAS/gAQMqssDi9UD390D590Dn/QDofQDovQDo/UDpvUD9Z8E9p8E/qwEAA==
  • Priest: AAECAa0GAof3A7uKBA6TugObugOnywPXzgO00QPi3gP73wPK4QP74wOY6wOtigSFnwSEowSJowQA
  • Demon Hunter: AAECAea5Awi1yQPW0QP39gOK9wON9wPQ+QOHiwSEsAQL3dMD+dUDx90D8+MDlegDwvEDifcDyIAEg58Etp8EtKAEAA== 

In Gaby’s first game against Hachikuji, he played Rally Priest against Owl Warlock. Gaby started with his first wave of threats in the early game while his opponent had to find ways to remove them. Although Hachikuji equipped Runed Mithril Rod on his turn five, it was not enough as Gaby swiftly buffed his minions and went face for lethal.

Gaby versus Hachikuji at Hearthstone Masters Tour Ruins of Alterac
Gaby versus Hachikuji at Hearthstone Masters Tour Ruins of Alterac. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

Kazakusan and Legendaries for the Victory

It was then Gaby’s Kaz Druid versus Hachikuji’s Owl Warlock in game two. While Gaby ramped in the early game, Hachikuji drew cards to get his combo pieces. Gaby soon had a turn four Kazakusan thanks to his extra mana. Meanwhile, Hachikuji took the 8/8 minion down via removal cards, continued to draw out his deck, and took advantage of Runed Mithril Rod for the mana discounts. 

Although Hachikuji steadily set up his hand, Gaby was ready with Bubba, its 1/1 Bloodhounds, and the Canopic Jars card. He received these cards thanks to Kazakusan earlier on. When Hachikuji played Grimoire of Sacrifice on Humongous Owl to deal with his opponent’s board, it unleashed Gaby’s minions with Deathrattle. Humongous Owl dealt damage to Grommash Hellscream, which increased the orc’s attack. Hachikuji managed to clear some minions, but it wasn’t enough as Gaby took the second win thanks to buffed minions going face. 

Humongous Owl enraging Grommash Hellscream
Humongous Owl enraging Grommash Hellscream. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

A Tale of Many Quests at Masters Tour Ruins of Alterac

However, Hachikuji didn’t give in during the next game when it was his Control Warrior deck versus Gaby’s Quest Rogue. Gaby worked on completing his questline and held onto Secret Passage in the early game. By the mid-game, Gaby received Spymaster Scabbs and minions on his side of the board. These were cleared swiftly by Hachikuji, who followed that up with a clear on Scabbs thanks to Mutanus the Devourer and Provoke. Gaby developed his side of the board again, but it was to no avail as Hachikuji cleared it and eventually earned a point. 

When it all came down to game four, it was Gaby’s Quest Rogue against Quest Fel Demon Hunter. Both players worked to complete their questlines, with Gaby finishing his first thanks to a buffed SI:7 Informant. Hachikuji answered the 8/8 minion with two Expendable Performers cards, but it wasn’t enough as Gaby dropped a Spymaster Scabbs alongside another stealthed minion. By not having enough board space to play minions for the clear, Hachikuji soon bowed out. 

With a score of 3-1, Gaby won Hearthstone Masters Tour Ruins of Alterac and put on sunglasses to celebrate with style!

The Hearthstone esports action will resume next weekend with the Grandmasters Playoffs, so stay tuned on for more news and updates.

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