Disguised Toast made it to legend and the Hearthstone community dreams. Toast fantasies about a Blizzard offer to come back to the game.

Disguised Toast got back to Hearthstone Legend during his Viewathon stream. With over 16,000 viewers, Disguised Toast was the most viewed Hearthstone stream during the weekend. On top of his epic gameplay and entertaining content, Toast shared interesting thoughts about the game that turned him into the content creator he is today. Furthermore, Toast even made an offer to Blizzard to get back to Hearthstone.

Disguised Toast Viewathon Hearthstone run

Toast went on a six-day event with a continued stream that would only end if his viewers went under the ever-rising minimum bar. Looking for different games to stream during the challenge, Disguised Toast came back to Hearthstone to get back to Legend.

“It was fun having a challenge again. Something about Hearthstone and me just makes for entertaining content.”

Disguised Toast during his Viewathon Hearthstone Legend challenge
Disguised Toast Viewathone rules
Disguised Toast Viewathone rules

On his way to Legend, Disguised Toast ran into some old friends, including SI:7 agent, the Hearthstone card that inspired his name. Many things have changed in Hearthstone since Disguised Toast left, but his combo skills seem to be intact.

In his final push to legend, Toast played OTK Bolner Shaman and nailed a 7-0 record to finally get back into Hearthstone’s top ranks. It wasn't super high-legend, but can’t blame him after being years away from the game. In Toasts own words: “I just played Hearthstone ironically, but you know that I had to come back and flex a little bit.

Toast’s view on Hearthstone

Disguised Toast is now a mainstream personality, with millions of followers on every social media platform, and everything started with Hearthstone. After reaching legend, Toast shared his thoughts on the game and how he relates to it.  

“I think I’m at my most entertaining when I play Hearthstone. It is a really good game design for streaming, where my appeal is like “high IQ strategy brain”. There is enough time to articulate my thoughts and I’m also good enough to be able to not spend too much brain on it.”

Toast and his relationship with Hearthstone

After having a grasp of the meta, Disguised Toast also compared Hearthstone's actual state to what he was used to playing. The first thing that Toast realized is the power creep in Hearthstone. In addition to this, the speed of the game changed dramatically too: “The game is so much faster. When it comes to OTK combo decks it just happens like turn 9 or 10. When I was playing, OTK decks only go off when you draw your entire deck.”

For those who remember, Disguised Toast was a Quest Mage specialist, a deck that suited his “high IQ strategy brain” theme. That deck had a ton of intricated decisions, and to win, most of the time had to draw the entire deck while surviving, well with the help of Ice Block. If you want to take a nostalgia ride, here you have some of his bests Quest Mage games.

Hearthstone problems

After reaching legend, Disguised Toast wanted to play some other combo decks, and that’s where he spotted one of Hearthstone’s biggest problems: the game cost. And Toast wasn’t only referring to the price of bundles or cosmetics, but how hard is to come back to the game: “It is too expensive to keep up. You can’t expect people to do this every day and lose half their collection.”

Furthermore, Disguised Toast commented on the viewership problems constructed Hearthstone is currently having. Hearthstone Esports competition viewership is on an all-time low with the last 250K Masters Tour averaging 4,000 viewers in the English broadcast. But what is the root of this problem?

“More people watch Hearthstone Battleground streamers than constructed streamers. But I wonder is that because there are not too many good constructed streamers anymore. It’s kind the chicken and egg problem.”

Disguised Toast about Hearthstone viewership situation

Joking, Toast fantasized about coming back to Hearthstone and doing deals with Blizzard. Before switching to a different game, Toast asked his chat this question that created hope in many.

“Do you think if I offer the opportunity for us to work together again and in exchange, I want a Disguised Toast card in Hearthstone they’d go for it?

I guess that only time will tell if we will be able to enjoy more Disguised Toast Hearthstone content. At least, the community had a nice nostalgia ride with his Viewathon event.

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