Reynad took Hearthstone for one more spin and got to Rank #1 Legend. What is he up to now? Is he back in the game?

Reynad, Tempo Storm's CEO and founder, is back in Hearthstone and made it to Rank #1 Legend. Reynad made a sudden reappearance in the scene recently in some collab videos with Rarran, one of Hearthstone's most prolific YouTubers of 2022. Is he back for good?

Reynad's reencounter with Hearthstone

Almost three months ago, Rarran invited Reynad to be part of one of his new YouTube video series, "Guess How Good Hearthstone Cards Are". Reynad confessed that he stopped playing the game more than 4 years ago, during the Kobolds and Catacombs expansion. That video planted the Hearthstone seed once again.

The video was a success. With almost half a million views, it became one of Rarran's top 5 videos of all time. This wasn't a surprise since Reynad is one of the best personalities the Hearthstone scene has ever encountered. But it was only the beginning.

In the following months, Reynad made other appearances in Rarran's Hearthstone videos. The most iconic probably was the Hearthstone Money Match. The Blizzcon champion took a close but satisfying 3-2 win that made him $50 richer.

Back to #1 Legend

You know what people say, once a competitive player, always a competitive player. The Hearthstone exposure Reynad had must have probably tempted him to try the game "one last time".

Reynad's previous interaction with the game was a series of streams when Blizzard released Classic mode in March 2021. This game mode recreated Hearthstone's state as if it were 2014. Reynad's golden era.

While this time there were no streams, a casual Rank #1 Legend tweet made Hearthstone fandom take a ride down memory lane. Reynad stormed Classic Hearthstone once again.

Why did Reynad leave Hearthstone, and what is he up to now?

After Tempo Storm spiked, Reynad started focusing on his new passion, making the perfect card game. The Bazaar started development in 2018 and it is not out yet.

Early development screenshot of The Bazaar. Image via Tempo Storm.
Early development screenshot of The Bazaar. Image via Tempo Storm.

Earlier in 2022, Reynad made a Bazaar gameplay showcase that is still available on the game's YouTube channel. During that stream, he promised that the game would be out later this year both on PC and mobile.

If you want to learn more about this Hearthstone legend, you can check out Reynad's profile below. Furthermore, I'd recommend Rarran's video about Reynad if you want to revisit some of the most iconic moments in his career.

This is all for now, but stay tuned to for more Hearthstone news and updates. See you next time in the tavern, and yep, it was 29, for sure.

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