Hearthstone finally announced Battlegrounds Lobby Legends’ first event details. Battlegrounds tournaments will have Twitch broadcasts!

Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends, the much-awaited esports ecosystem for Hearthstone’s auto battler, is finally here. Lobby Legends: Raid Leaders will be the first Battlegrounds events of the year in which top ladder players from all over the world will clash for a share of the $500,000 in prizes for 2022. Everything you need to know about this first event here!

The <a href="https://esports.gg/news/hearthstone/breaking-hearthstone-esports-bans-silvername-and-advo/">Hearthstone Esport</a> scene welcomes Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends
The Hearthstone Esport scene welcomes Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends

Battlegrounds Lobby Legends in 2022

Battlegrounds has been a success since its introduction to Hearthstone in 2019, but it lacked a competitive scene. Many streamers and competitors were vocal in this matter, and despite on 2021 there were many Invitational events, there wasn’t still an open circuit in which everyone could participate.

“There are so many prominent streamers they could do something with, but there are also so many smaller streamers or players who are high on the ladder who just need some exposure and make it big”

Fortunately, last December, Hearthstone Esports announced Lobby Legends as Battleground's official competitive scene with $500,000 in prizes. However, we didn’t have much information, or at least, until now. The first Hearthstone Battlegrounds event, Raid Leaders, will be happening on April 2-3 with $50,000 in prizes.

“A lot of what we’ve heard from Battlegrounds players is that they want a sort of avenue or space to participate in. The same way constructed players have had that opportunity. They wanna show their passion and their dedication to the game, and they want a reason to strive to be the best. Battlegrounds Lobby Legends is gonna offer a lot of those opportunities to players. Hopefully, it will inspire more participation and even greater displays of passion to people.”

Abar, Product Lead for Hearthstone Esports, in an interview with Esports.gg

Raid Leaders first Battlegrounds Esport event

Raid Leaders will be the first of the Battlegrounds Lobby Legends events and will be happening on April 2-3. The top 16 players of their respective regional leaderboards by the end of February will get invites to a 48 player qualifying tournament. This offline event will qualify 12 players for the main event happening on April 2-3. The top 4 Chinese Battlegrounds players will join them for a world-class event with $50,000 in prizes.

Battlegrounds Lobby Legends: Raid Leaders Prizepool Breakdown
Battlegrounds Lobby Legends: Raid Leaders Prizepool Breakdown

Every main Battlegrounds Lobby Legends event will have a Twitch and a YouTube broadcast on Hearthstone's official channels. Yes, Hearthstone Esports is coming back to Twitch! On top of the official Hearthstone Esports broadcast, competitors in both the Qualifier and Lobby Legends: Raid Leaders' main event will be allowed to co-stream on their channels.

This dual broadcast system worked amazingly well for many Invitational events but is something new to competitive Hearthstone.

What’s Next?

During the following weeks, Hearthstone Esports will announce the tournament format and point system. Check the official post or the Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends rulebook already on the site.

The second Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends event is scheduled for May, tentatively. The qualifying period for the second Hearthstone Battlegrounds Esports stop will conclude at the end of March. Date and official name to come in the following weeks.

Stay tuned to Esports.gg for more Hearthstone Battlegrounds news and updates. See you next time, in Bob’s tavern.