A Minecraft streamer and a Hearthstone retiree win a Year-Supply of Doritos in Hearthstone Battlegrounds Twitch Rivals event.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds had its time in Twitch Rivals after the great revamp. The event was hosted by Hafu and Jia, and it had a selection of the best Battlegrounds player in the tavern. The prize? $10.000 and a year-supply of Doritos.

In this edition of the Doritos Disruptor Series powered by Twitch Rivals, Hafu chose 8 team captains, who were in charge of inviting 3 other Battlegrounds players each to join their team.

Twitch Rivals Battlegrounds Teams

Almost every captain invited to the event was well known for their Battleground skills. Well, all except for HBomb94, a popular Minecraft streamer, who enjoys Battlegrounds so much that he confessed that Dog was his most-watched stream.

The teams that competed were the following:

After reading the names, there is no doubt it was an incredibly stacked tournament. This made it near impossible to predict which team was favored to win the event. With many Battleground’s Leaderboard residents and streamers that put hours and hours into the game, Twitch Rivals had the recipe for success.

Twitch Rivals Battlegrounds Format

The tournament was divided into two stages. First, the teams were split into four lobbies, where players had to compete individually for 5 rounds. The individual results added to the Team standings. The top 4 teams would advance to compete in the Championship Lobby, while the bottom 4 teams would have the chance for revenge in the Redemption Lobby.

In this second stage, players were paired with a teammate in each lobby, which completely changed the flow of the game, allowing for interesting co-op strategies.

“I really liked that the format was a mix of individual play at the start and duo play at the end because it incorporates teamwork while still allowing for the stream to focus on standout players and less familiar players”

Jim “Lii” Liu comments to Esports.gg about the Twitch Rivals Battlegrounds format.

During the broadcast caster Jia mentioned that Lii spoke of a gentleman's agreement that each team would assign the players to each lobby based on their MMR, with lobby 1 housing the highest MMR player.

A Minecraft streamer and a Hearthstone retiree win a Year-Supply of Doritos

Somewhat against the odds, in a super-stacked Championship Lobby, the HBomb94 team managed to defeat by a huge margin Team Rdu, Team Dog, and Team SunBaconRelaxer. HBomb94 might have not been the best Battlegrounds player in Twitch Rivals, but he did indeed know how to surround himself. Teamwork was the key to success.

With some advice from Jia, HBomb94 recruited for his team Jim “Lii” Liu, a well-known top Battlegrounds competitive player; Ixxdeee, a high MMR player; and pulled JeefHS out of retirement for the event.

Lii, the Battlegrounds Twitch Rivals MVP, talked to Esports.gg about the team prep: “Each player did his own preparation for the event and we did not specifically practice for the team format.”

Tournament Results

Despite their individual preparation for the Battlegrounds Twitch Rivals tournament, being able to communicate and share thoughts to help each other was paramount, as HBomb94 stated in an after. The champion team MVP Lii also commented the following regarding his expectations before the tournament:

“I had expectations that we would make the championship bracket but not take the win because as you said we did not have 4 BG mains as HBomb is a Minecraft streamer and Jeef had recently come out of retirement.”

Lii on his expectations before Twitch Rivals Battlegrounds
Twitch Rivals <a href="https://esports.gg/news/hearthstone/rimgosu-wins-battlegrounds-lobby-legends/">Battlegrounds Championship Lobby</a> Standings - Image by Twitch Rivals
Twitch Rivals Battlegrounds Championship Lobby Standings - Image by Twitch Rivals

7 hours of competition later, and having taken the most amount of lobbies in the Twitch Rivals Battlegrounds tournament, Team HBomb94 got their deserved year-supply of Doritos and the greatest portion of the $10.000 prize pool. On the other hand, HappaBear Team won the Redemption bracket after an incredible third Round.

Twitch Rivals Redemption Battlegrounds Lobby - by Twitch Rivals
Twitch Rivals Redemption Battlegrounds Lobby - by Twitch Rivals

Hafu teased us with another Twitch Rivals Battlegrounds event, but no further information was released. Stay tuned to Esports.gg for more Hearthstone news and updates. I will see you next time, in the tavern.

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