Maw and Disorder Hearthstone miniset and the 24.4 patch are about to go live, but when exactly? Check out when with our time zone converter!

Today, Hearthstone released the 24.4 patch notes that precede the Maw and Disorder miniset launch. I know you are all anxious to play with the new cards. That's why we made a countdown, so you do not have to worry about time zones and conversions.

On top of that, today, we will cover some of the most important changes coming to Hearthstone included in the 24.4 patch notes.

The Maw and Order Hearthstone miniset release time

Regular Hearthstone updates, such as Expansions or Minisets go live at 10 a.m. PDT, but unless you live in California, this isn't a clear indicator. For you to have a clear notion of when the Maw and Disorder Hearthstone miniset will go live, no matter where you live, we have prepared this countdown.


Furthermore, you can also use this link to check when the new Hearthstone miniset will launch in your local time.

24.4 Hearthstone Patch notes

On top of the Maw and Disorder Miniset, the is more Hearthstone content going live with the 24.4 patch. Battlegrounds, Arena and Mercenaries will see updates. Check them out here, and learn the trick to get Free Arena Rewards.

If you haven't already, make sure you read our articles on Maw and Disorder Hearthstone miniset articles, so you stay on top of everything happening in Sylvanas Trial.

Maw and Disorder Hearthstone miniset will be live on September 27th
Maw and Disorder Hearthstone miniset will be live on September 27th

Hearthstone Battlegrounds in patch 24.4

Battlegrounds got its big updates less than a month ago with Quests entering the scene. Battlegrounds players praise this new mechanic, ranking it as more fun than Darkmoon Prizes and Battlegrounds Buddies.

Despite the 24.4 Hearthstone patch being all about the miniset, when it goes live, it will bring an old new Hero. Following the miniset flavor, Sylvanas Windrunner will return to Hearthstone Battlegrounds in the 24.4 patch.

Sylvanas Windrunner<br>Reclaimed Souls [1 Gold] Give +2/+1 to your minions that died last combat
Sylvanas Windrunner
Reclaimed Souls [1 Gold] Give +2/+1 to your minions that died last combat

Sylvanas will be available in all lobbies for two weeks after the patch launch. Moreover, the Another Hidden Body quest reward will make a comeback. This time with faster animations and harder requirements.

On a final note on Hearthstone Battlegrounds, the 24.4 patch also brings a new cosmetic: Legendary Boards. This new kind of cosmetic is a dynamic experience since it alters between six different visuals depending on your Health, position, win streak and other variables.

The first of these Legendary Battlegrounds Boards will not go live with the 24.4 Hearthstone patch but on October 11th. This will be days before the next Lobby Legends event if you know what that means.

Arena rotates with Hearthstone miniset launch

The 24.4 patch will also affect Arena, Hearthstone's oldest game mode. When the Maw and Disorder Hearthstone Miniset goes live, the Arena will see its seasonal rotation. The sets that will be part of Arena will be:

  • Core
  • Blackrock Mountain
  • Kobolds & Catacombs
  • Ashes of Outland
  • Journey to Un'goro
  • Rise of Shadows
  • Murder at Castle Nathria (including Maw and Disorder Mini-Set)

When the 24.4 patch goes live, every Hearthstone Arena runs will be retired. Blizzard will give players a free Arena ticket as compensation, but, on top of that, players will also earn the rewards corresponding to the wins they had before retiring.

If you want some free goodies, start an arena run, get some wins, and leave it when you get the second loss. Zero risk investment.

Bots coming to Hearthstone with patch 24.4?

The Miniset patch notes revealed that Hearthstone will launch bots in Apprentices and low-ranks standard ladder. This feature is designed for players to face shorter queue times and to have a more fun experience while learning the game. This will not affect experienced players.

Moreover, some players will see "Milestone Shop Offers" upon reaching Bronze ranks. Those players will be offered a Battle-Ready Deck for the class they played the most. There is a second milestone for players reaching Platinum. At that point, they will be offered another Battle-Ready deck for their second most played class.

If you want to check out all the decks, make sure you visit our article about them, in which we rate their power level and give you some tips on how to improve them.

Last but not least, several new Mercenaries are coming to the village. Make sure you check out the official blog post with all the details. If you are waiting for the excess coin solution, Blizzard announced that would come with the 24.6 patch, approximately a month from now. Also, several Hearthstone bugs should be fixed tomorrow with the Miniset launch, with the most popular of them being notifications in the Journal.

That is all for now, but stay tuned to for more Hearthstone news and updates. See you next time in the tavern.