Sylvanas’ Trial, the new storyline for Hearthstone Maw and Disorder Miniset cover image

Sylvanas’ Trial, the new storyline for Hearthstone Maw and Disorder Miniset

Hearthstone players are crazy for Sylvanas once more, will this tip the scales in the Maw and Disorder Miniset trial?

Every Hearthstone expansion and miniset has its Heroes and Villains, and finally, Sylvanas' time has come. Only weeks after the resolution of Sire Denathrius' death mystery, Sylvanas is being accused of causing the Anima drought. Let's dive into this amazing story that Hearthstone has been teasing ever since the Murder at Castle Nathria expansion went live.

Sylvanas, a Hearthstone icon

Let's begin by saying that Sylvanas has been a Hearthstone icon since its conception. This classic legendary is part of the game's history, who doesn't remember Artosis trying to Execute his own Sylvanas?

Sylvanas was sent to Hearthstone's Hall of Fame and vanished from standard in 2017 with the Journey to Ungoro expansion. However, Hearthstone devs couldn't resist Sylvanas' charms and brought her back to standard once more during the Doom in the Tomb event in 2019, celebrating Uldum's expansion.

With the Maw and Disorder miniset, Sylvanas makes a comeback, singing: "Guess who's back? Back again". This time, she is in shackles, accused of being part of the "Anima conspiracy". What is this trial about?

Classic version
Classic version
Sylvanas returns in the Maw and Disorder Miniset
Sylvanas returns in the Maw and Disorder Miniset

The Anima Conspiracy Trial

Murloc Holmes solved the mystery behind Sire Denathrius' "murder", but as soon as that case closed, a new one opened, the "Anima Conspiracy". Hearthstone completely nailed it this time with the storytelling of Castle Nathria expansion and its miniset. A production worth of Sylvanas.

With newspaper posts and even live reports from outside the court, Hearthstone players feel as if Sylvanas Practice was another episode of Law and Order. I mean, Maw and Disorder, it's hard not to fall against all the legal puns, I suspect Nicholas "DeckTeck" Weiss had something to do with this too.

The trial is already in process, with The Jailer serving as a judge. Cora Songbird also took part in the coverage on behalf of "TEAM News at 5" (you gotta love the references). Today, on Saturday, we discovered who will be defending Sylvanas in this process.

What's next?

Sylvanas feels confident about the process: "I will never serve", she said to the press outside the courtroom. There are many witnesses still that need to testify, and we are learning about new evidence every day.

The Maw and Disorder Hearthstone miniset will release on September 27th, but it's not clear if we will get a verdict by then or if The Jailer will leave that decision to the players.

Stay tuned to for more Hearthstone news and updates. See you next time, in the courtroom.