Sylvanas is in trouble and The Maw and Disorder Hearthstone Mini-Set will be her trial. Check out all the new cards here.

Minutes ago, Hearthstone announced the details of The Maw and Disorder, the Mini-Set coming for Murder at Castle Nathria expansion. This Mini-set will be themed around Sylvanas' trial for crimes we will discover along the way. Let's go over the known info.

The Maw and Disorder Hearthstone Mini-set new Cards and reveals

As we predicted earlier this week, The Maw and Disorder Mini-set for Castle Nathria Hearthstone expansion is coming on September 27th. However, with the announcement, we got a sneak peek of the cards and mechanics coming with it.

Hearthstone is full court mode for The Maw and Disorder Mini-set. I can even hear the classic Law & Order music in the background. Every class will take part in this trial, with specially themed cards.

"Tensions are high in the courtroom as this Mini-Set brings a series of Accusation spells, advanced Infuse cards, and tons of synergies. With all these powerful tools at your disposal, you have everything you need to build your case and put your opponent away for good!"

Extract from Hearthstone's official Blog post

Stunning Accusations, Settled in a Court of Maw

So far, we know these four new cards. But don't panic, we will be having daily reveals on Hearthstone's Twitter account starting today. Before we continue, I must warn you to proceed with caution, The Maw and Disorder Hearthstone Mini-set if full of legal puns.

Murder Accusation<br>Image via Blizzard
Murder Accusation
Image via Blizzard
Dew Process<br>Image via Blizzard
Dew Process
Image via Blizzard

Remember that this time players can buy The Maw and Disorder Mini-set with Runestones, Hearthstone's new currency, or in-game gold. The costs vary for different regions but it should be around $14.99 or 2000 gold. There is also an all-Golden version for "The Maw and Disorder" mini-set available for $69.99 or 7000 Runestones for the whales.

The Maw and Disorder mini-set includes 35 unique cards featuring 4 Legendaries. The rarity spread maintains the same standards that previous editions:

  • 4 Legendary cards
  • 1 Epic card
  • 14 Rare cards
  • 16 Common cards

Finally, we will be updating the list as Hearthstone releases The Maw and Disorder cards. So stay tuned to for more Hearthstone news and updates, see you in court!