YouTuber uncovers insane Easter eggs in Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer cover image

YouTuber uncovers insane Easter eggs in Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer

jackfilms has just found 87 Super Mario Bros. Movie Easter eggs in the new trailer and our minds are BLOWN. Like actually insane.

YouTuber John "jackfilms" Douglass is known for doing the lowest, deepest dab and counting down until the Emoji Movie. Now, jackfilms has continued his satirical, strange movie reactions by finding 87 very, very real easter eggs in the Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer dropped in a Nintendo Direct earlier this week, giving Nintendo fans their first-ever glimpse at Illumination's version of the Mushroom Kingdom and Chris Pratt's haunting voice acting. But don't let his weird New Jersey take on Mario distract you from these important things that most definitely are real.

Here are some incredibly stunning Super Mario Bros. Movie easter eggs from the first trailer.

Super Mario Bros. Movie will be rated R

jackfilms believes that this seemingly wholesome animated film will actually be rated R. The mature rating will be for "spookiness," the YouTuber said, noting that pillars of fire reigning down on the ice kingdom is "quite spooky."

"Illumination and Nintendo are just decimating everything we know and love about the typical Disney fairytale," jackfilms said.

Later on, Bowser is seen carrying a mace, which is a very spiky medieval weapon. To see such a weapon in a kids' movie means that it will be "at least PG-13," jackfilms speculated. "Maybe NC-17."

There will be an origin story for Bowser's tail

When Bowser is first introduced, the trailer keeps him shrouded in a thick cloud of smoke. They initially show just his thunder thighs and then have a shot from the back of his massive tail rendered in 4K.

"Doused in and surrounded by flames, the King of the Koopas has never looked better," jackfilms said.

There will even be an origin story for this tail, sources have allegedly told jackfilms. He didn't tell anyone what the origin story would include, however, so that's a mystery for now.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie will dive deeper into the lore of Koopa Troopas

When Bowser makes his way to the icy kingdom, he is quite imposing. So much so, in fact, that his army of Koopa Troopa start to shake. Well, except one soldier. jackfilms noted that there is a "special" Koopa Troopa in the trailer that has an eyepatch and shoulder armor, making him more "badass" than the other Koopa around him.

Unlike the Mario games, where all of the Koopa Troopa act pretty similar, jackfilms believes that there is a lot of lore surrounding these guys that will finally be revealed in the Super Mario Bros. Movie.

There will be magic in the Super Mario Bros. Movie

Bowser is not afraid of the penguins in the icy kingdom. His army is so impressive that Bowser doesn't even have to do anything at first. At one point, Bowser steps back to let Kamek "do all the work," using his magic to levitate the unsuspecting penguins.

"This confirms that, yes, there will be magic in the Super Mario Bros. Movie. Whether it's dark magic or wizard magic, I can't really say yet. Maybe it's elder magic? We don't know yet. We can only speculate at this point," jackfilms said.

Stars are cannon

After destroying the icy kingdom in a single breath, Bowser approaches a star — the same ones you see when you are playing the Mario games.

"This confirms that stars are cannon. Stars are part of the lore. What purposes they have, I'm not sure," jackfilms.

But what's even crazier is that there may be only one star in the entire movie. Bowser says "I found it" when he goes to the grab the star. So is there only one? And what does it do? jackfilms could not say, but it's clear that there are astounding implications with endless possibilities.

Mario looks different than expected in the Super Mario Bros. Movie

And no, we're not talking about his ass.

In the first shot of Mario, he looks... different. He is a bit elongated, with different proportions than the games. So what made him look so "wrong?" It could be a lens warping effect or the impact of teleportation. That's not made clear just yet.

Mario has ten fingers

In this close up, you can see that Mario has ten fingers. This is now confirmed.

On the other hand (get it?), his face is a lot wider and squishier. This could be a reference to Mario 64's opening, jackfilms speculated.

His ass is, however, quite flat in this shot as well. But animators still have time to give him a dumpy — something "juicy and plump" to land on when he falls.

"Animators, you have from now until April to correct this oversight," jackfilms said.

Toad is able to feel anger

Gamers have never seen Toad angry before. Ever. But now Toad is angry, which is a bit "jarring," jackfilms said. He also shows a bit of "disgust," jackfilms added.

"Another really cool touch is that Toad's diaper looks completely filled. Just how I remembered it in the games," jackfilms said.

Toad will also be the comedic relief for this otherwise dark and violent film. After seeing so many penguins get stabbed to death in the previous scene, it was nice to see Toad be a bit of a prankster and a goof.

"But parents, I would still not take your kids to see this film. It looks very violent and dark. This film is for people 21 and up," jackfilms added quickly.

Demons, ghosts, and the paranormal are real

At the end of the trailer, gamers hear Charlie Day's yell. He is the voice actor for Luigi. Mario's brother is seen running away from a team of Dry Bones, which have red eyes full of "blood lust."

"This confirms that demons, ghosts, and the paranormal are real in this universe," jackfilms said.

But where is Luigi running towards? Nobody can tell what castle that is. It's not Peach's. It could be Luigi's Mansion... 3. But this is another mystery that jackfilms can't figure out just yet. That means we'll have to wait until 2023.