Mario fans are jealous of the French dub for the Super Mario Bros. Movie cover image

Mario fans are jealous of the French dub for the Super Mario Bros. Movie

Chris Pratt isn’t doing it for fans of Super Mario Bros. This has left gamers jealous of dubbed voices for Mario in the upcoming movie.

The trailer for the Super Mario Bros. Movie has finally come out, giving Nintendo fans their first look at Illumination's take on the Mario Bros. universe. The biggest source of controversy, however, has been the voice acting in the trailer.

When the movie was initially announced a while back, gamers were already concerned that Mario's original voice actor (who is still alive) was not voicing the overall-clad plumber. Instead, Illumination seemed focused on having celebrities voice the characters, something the animation studio has done in the past.

Image via Nintendo Direct
Image via Nintendo Direct

But people were quite concerned about Chris Pratt being Mario. Pratt told Mario fans at the time that he was bringing a brand new take to the role that nobody had ever heard before, even calling it "updated." But Pratt isn't even Italian (or a voice actor), leaving Mario fans confused and concerned.

When the trailer dropped, the opinions came rolling in fast. Many felt that Pratt gave Mario a New York accent, which was quite a shock. Others felt it was just Pratt and he wasn't even trying to sound different.

"It fits for Mario being a regular guy who just got launched into the Mario world (which is likely since Mario did not know where he was when he got there). Doesn't fit if the plan is to make him be the same Mario as in the games," one fan noted.

Chris Pratt vs. random dubs from around the world

After the trailer dropped, fans from around the world shared the dubbed version of the Super Mario Bros. Movie, with the focus being on Mario's voice lines.

The French dub sounded a lot more accurate to Mario's voice in the video games, making American fans jealous.

The Italian dub was clearly a fan-favorite, sounding accurate to the Mario gamers grew to love. Toad is questionable, however.

Even the Brazilian version was favorable to the Pratt version. It sounded like the voice actor was putting on Mario's signature accent to fit the role, a valiant effort.

So far, the majority of the movie is still a mystery. The teaser trailer only had a few voice lines, so fans are still wanting to hear more of Pratt before fully judging his take on Mario's voice.