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The Super Mario Bros. Movie clip at Game Awards 2022 is full of easter eggs cover image

The Super Mario Bros. Movie clip at Game Awards 2022 is full of easter eggs


A clip of The Super Mario Bros. Movie was revealed at the Game Awards 2022, giving Nintendo fans a lot of hope for the film.

The Game Awards 2022 is largely about celebrating the best games of the year, but it's also a night full of world premiers. While most of the premiers were for upcoming games, a brand new clip from The Super Mario Bros. Movie was also shared near the end of the night.
The start of the clip shows a ton of colorful Toads going about their business within the Mushroom Kingdom when the Toad voiced by Keegan-Michael Key marches through with a disoriented Mario. As they walk through the town, viewers get a good view of the bustling, vibrant location with references to the games everywhere.
Mario then attempts to traverse moving platforms and long, clear pipes, all of which he sucks at. It's clear that this version of Mario has no clue where he is or what is going on. They get to the palace and Mario looks at it with wonder.
The response to the clip has been largely positive, with gamers warming up to the movie as more and more is revealed.
When The Super Mario Bros. Movie was hinted at over a year ago, many were skeptical since it was being produced by Illumination, the company behind all the Minion movies. Then gamers got even more frustrated when it was revealed that everyone would be voiced by celebrities instead of professional voice actors. They especially hated Mario's voice.
But when a second trailer dropped, a lot of fans had more hope. The animation style was accurate to the colorful world within the games and Peach's badass look and attitude had many people impressed.
The clip from the Game Awards further explained why Mario didn't have his usual voice and showed a bit more of the Mushroom Kingdom.
Olivia Richman
Olivia Richman
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